Betrayal as Official Government Policy

From the Big Island of Hawaii today, this photo was shot in Ocean View, the southernmost point of the United States, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and halfway to China, Russia, Japan and North Korea. I sit around 2500 miles equidistant between California and the “East” which of course lies due West of me.

This obvious chemtrail photo was taken today. It’s the first time that I see an artificial cloud formation on the Big Island. Can you see my precious water tank in the lower part of the photo? Some people stack gold and silver coins, but even stupid, honest poor people like myself can have a water tank like this, which collects every drop of rain that falls on every inch of every roof on my property through a hodgepodge gutter system. For a long time my solar powered pump didn’t work so I dipped for every bit of water that I needed, including toilet flushing. Dip and pour.

In any event, a water tank is worth its weight in gold. Yet with every hedge against disaster, aren’t we all ultimately dependent on God’s mercy? I still need dollar bills to pay high property taxes on a tiny piece of undeveloped land that has absolutely no government services or community facilities. We have no school, hospital or police station, no public water pipes or central sewerage system. What I pay in taxes is pure extortion. The roads are maintained by a private association which doubles what I have to pay. Both the road maintenance corporation, and the local taxing authority have the right to take my property if I don’t pay. Just like the Texas utility BILLS, my tax BILLS are very valuable if they are not paid. These BILLS give the bearer the right to evict me from the property that I have paid for and improved. The more I improve it, the more I must pay to not have it taken from me. If I install an indoor bathroom, my property taxes could increase 100 fold. There are so many words for theft, “tax” is just one of them.

After reviewing the comments left by brave readers of this blog, it’s clear that those of us who have had to deal with this curious and enigmatic targeting of ourselves, have actually been prepared for leadership through these trials. When you look for help and no one seems to respond then you must fortify yourself for battle, alone. What better way to develop leadership skills? And isn’t the main problem in the world today simply a vacuum of competent leadership that will continue and worsen so long as traditional religions, Catholic and Orthodox, are demonized and excluded from participating.

We who have been raised as the surviving remnant of these ancient cultures are forced to sit on the sidelines and watch the engineered disaster take place in slow motion. It’s immensely frustrating. But remember the parabolic curve and how suddenly events can change from slow motion to an acceleration so quick that only those people already positioned can benefit from it. But how that parabolic curve manifests, no one knows for certain.

One hedge against parabolic uncertainties is to invest in commodities because only commodities can possibly manifest true inflation rates. Inflation being, of course, the measure used to determine the rate of destruction of the American people by whoever owns the Federal Reserve. I never thought I would see the day that Americans would be told that inflation is good. But of course, the very word “inflation” is carefully chosen. Calling it “destruction” is more definitive. Lucky for us, the planned and longed-for destruction of this rigged and suicidal financial system might work in our favor if the escape valves function. The escape valve, at least one category, is digital currency. If that idea confuses you, then think of owning the unique string of digits on each printed dollar denominated debt instrument. Then deduct the piece of paper on which it is printed, and add a limit to how many and at what intervals these digit strings can be generated, and you realize why experienced investors don’t mind investing billions of dollar BILLS into limited production bitcoin. A BILL is what is OWED, but not necessarily what is owed to you personally. To illustrate: Suppose the entity called ERCOT in Texas sends out $40,000 utility bills to their customers in Texas for the month of February, 2021. ERCOT knows that the vast majority of their customers can’t pay, but the fact is that ERCOtT therefore can place a lien on the property of every single one of those customers who cannot pay. Result is that these BILLS for utitilities actually are potentially more valuable when they aren’t paid, IF the confiscation can be carried out successfullly. To avoid the hassle of carrying out this massive confiscation and eviction, ERCOT can simply sell the BILLS at a discount to whoever has the special skills required for evicting the citizens of an entire state. Any foreign government with a standing army would be happy to trade something of value for the legal right to take over Texas and cast the people out into the streets to be further exploited, or more likely, forced into holding facilities with lovely names and free vaccines.

The debt represented by these utility bills has greater value unpaid rather than paid. Let’s keep a close eye on this situation.

Dollars are already digital currency, with no limit to the total generated, and backed by mafia style governance. Even such ecologically disastrous Chinese controlled technology as bitcoin is a safer option. Thankfully bitcoin now has help to overcome its weaknesses through a protocol which has had to battle but the wins have been piling up. This is what the Ripple XRP situation is all about. XRP as a bridge currency won’t necessarily replace bitcoin or the dollar or any currency, as some fear. XRP can rescue bitcoin and the dollar from their weaknesses to a certain extent. By bringing the digitized version of the dollar into the ecosystem to be traded and loaned, the centralized control and corruption of the dollar is subtracted from the equation. Also subtracted is the use of the dollar as a bridge currency for conversion between currencies. The dollar’s so-called status as a reserve currency is of no great benefit to people who don’t happen to have a dollar printing press. Any currency could be substituted and we’d not suffer at all. In fact, it would be interesting to see what happens when all those dollars spread all around the world in bank vaults and remissions would actually start circulating inside the American economy. The dollar velocity in America is showing an almost complete halt. Of all those trillions of dollars “printed” recently, how much has gone straight to China, as compared to the amount left in America for domestic use?

This chart only goes to 2019. You have to imagine what this looks like today because more recent charts are censored from the internet.

The dollar is already digitized, which is to say, each bill has a unique string of digits to identify it. Digital currency simply subtracts the piece of physical paper from the equation. XRP somewhat eliminates the need for a central bank because the XRP ledger allows us to trade and loan dollars directly. Banks will have to adjust their service offerings accordingly.

XRP as a neutral bridge currency also helps people to utilize alternative currencies and to hold and easily trade several currencies at a time with minimal transfer fees. This facet alone could be an enormous boon to small business growth.

How is infinite dollar generation a benefit to our enemies? Let’s start with voter identification to explain. Why demand voter identification when our enemies both foreign and domestic are allowed to continue running for public office using puppets who never show their proof of identity. These same public officials whose true identities are never revealed, receive fat salaries, benefits, bribes and freebies with which to purchase our property that they distress through their own political power.

They promote inflation because it benefits themselves. Those in government continue to recieve dollar infusions with which to purchase distressed properties being sold by those they have distressed. Those of us who do not have access to government funds are forced to continue paying our own enemies to destroy us. We must provide them with the dollars or else. With our confiscated dollars, these unidentified government employees are able to purchase the property being confiscated from us for our lack of dollars. See how government and taxes operate?

This next linked article from The New American is the best run-down of how Communism operated to take over China (actually Manchuria was the key) using betrayal, spying, theft and lies as their number one weapon. This article is real history, almost.

Notice that it’s always been the State Department that’s instrumental in these betrayals. Don’t worry though, you’ll not find any mention of the real culprits in this story, but you can read between the lines for that.

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