Remember Stratfor? It’s a Targeting Service and Covid Vaccine Pusher

A training video from Stratfor has been posted on youtube since 2015 but I just found it. In fact, Stratfor has their own youtube channel. I am posting just two of their videos here.

My previous research showed that Stratfor is an American/Saudi/Jewish/Iranian privately owned CIA connected spy agency that was hired by the U. S. Military to provide intelligence during most of my lifetime. Of course Colin Powell/Louis Farakhan would have approved, so the ISIS connection is already seen. My conclusion from personal knowledge of the owners of this massively dangerous insider/infiltrator spy den is that they have caused many deaths of our military, and of our greatest minds and leaders in America. The owners have devastated my own personal life since a young age, pretending to be friends. In fact, I would guess that everyone’s lives have been adversely affected by Stratfor in some way.

The thing about a spy agency is that it gives a certain few people insider knowledge for trading and blackmail. This is coupled with massive tax funding which secretly pays for violent color revolutions This enables them to own nations eventually, and thereby toy with all of our lives in painful and deadly ways. They get inside information on stocks, bonds and commodities, but also inventions and research. It appears that with time, the entire world’s wealth has been accumulated by the people who have access to the international spy apparatus epitomized by the NSA.

So imagine if the NSA databases were accessed by someone named Adam Back, who himself was possibly working for a spy agency, but maybe not.. Suppose that the first thing he and his family did was to use this inside information to trade and accumulate wealth. I don’t know for certain that this happened, but if it did then we might already be familiar with them under various false identities. I imagine that in all the euphoria of massively accumulating wealth through insider trading, it was not noticed that the wealth was being extracted from anonymous, ordinary, talented and productive people whose savings, families and businesses were being wiped out one at a time, thereby bringing all of God’s creation to the brink of disaster. No one took this into consideration because the “Intelligence Community” is so completely lacking in moral compass that it’s literally shocking. Anyone who’s ever had to deal with them would end up with a sort of post traumatic imprint that literally changes one’s personality. There can be no trust with these powerful, heartless monsters who always, always pretend to be your friend in order to get close enough to kill you.

Next Up: A Stratfor creep at 3:00 minute saying, “…depending on what I want…to recruit this individual, do I want him to work for me, do I want to blackmail this individual…”. He’s saying that they recruit talented, productive people through blackmail. He’s showing that when you post your resume on Linked In, and if you have skills that they want, you are making yourself a target. From personal experience, I know that if you don’t have illegal activity, they’ll put extreme pressure to get you into something illegal, get you arrested and then you are their slave. Consider the logic that later on, Stratfor would want to eliminate the unwilling recruit and simply replace him with an imposter. Imagine the possibilities when spies spy on spies and there’s not a single individual left in government who isn’t blackmailed? Then ask yourself, where did we go wrong? How can this be fixed?

I can tell you one thing for certain, when our enemies ask themselves how they can make their own lives better, the answer is that killing all or some of us would solve their problems and this vaccine roll out sounds like the plan for doing that. Eerily, from what they say, the plan seems to be to kill off all the adults and leave only the children alive. So what options are we left with? Listen to the two men in the second video with a critical mind, as if your life depends on catching every nuance and double meaning in the carefully worded interchange that demonstrates Stratfor’s close involvement with vaccines. You’ll hear their plans for “educating” those who refuse vaccination, particularly in America, in the interview which follows this training film.

But first, Stratfor explaining how to target and why target someone:

Stratfor training film sheds light on their targeting methods, intentions and most importantly, their criminal mindset.

The above link is to a non/youtube posting of the same Stratfor training film already posted. The link is malfunctioning and I can’t delete it, but it’s just a repeat anyway. The Stratfor vaccine interview is next.

While listening, ask yourself, why is this privately owned spy organization that makes no secret of their blackmailing activities even talking about our health and medicine at all? This next chilling podcast is full of double entendres and suspicious phraseology. Notice the use of vague, generalized terms, but the word “cure” is never once spoken. They love the word “efficacy”. Efficacy means effective, but at what? What does “do the right thing” really mean to these powerful psychopaths? This is one of the creepiest fake interviews I’ve ever heard. It’s super important for people to identify who works for Stratfor and watch them closely because this is a clear point of danger.

This next podcast is truly amazing for the same reason that the last video is amazing: These are examples of people who have absolutely no concept of right and wrong and are proud of their cheating. What this next con-man does is lie alot. When he is telling the truth, it’s even worse because he’s boasting of his criminal family background. What he’s doing is pretending first and foremost that because he’s Jewish, he and his family have suffered tremendous persecution. We are left to assume that it was Christians who did the persecuting, but he doesn’t say this outright. It’s understood. This foundational holocaust lie is supposed to lead us to accept that whatever fraud and theft that he and his family devote their lives to is somehow justified. He proceeds to falsely claim that he’s accomplished exactly what Ripple XRP has actually accomplished. He says that what he offers is exactly “like Ripple but without the shitcoin.”, meaning XRP. Why hate XRP? Perhaps because it is an investment vehicle open to non-accredited investors, which is to say, outsiders like you and I. Anyone with any understanding knows that cryptocurrencies don’t have to compete against each other. Anyone using the term “shitcoin” is demonstrating their control-freak tendencies. If he offered specifics that would be different. “Shitcoin“ is a vague term that only has emotional appeal and no real information. So he proceeds to describe the Ripple protocol capabilities and potential and simply gives it his own business name. I can’t find any online information about the business he’s promoting.
His intention could possibly be to substitute himself for Brad Garlinghouse as soon as possible. Newcomers to the space wouldn’t know the difference.

The interview is #498 Edan Yago on the Anthony Pompliano podcast, located here:

It’s now number 6 on the list, interview #498 Edan Yago on Decentralized Infrastructure.

It almost begins to appear that putting the two founders of Ripple in prison, if it were kept quiet, would enable Intelligence Community Islamic operatives to steal the identities, business and even the wealth of the imprisoned. I have demonstrated that stealing an identity is one step in the process of stealing patents and estates. If you listened carefully you heard a shameless con man who steals the lives of productive people. Or you can skip this if you can’t stomach it. I forced myself to listen to that creepy podcast twice because this Jew actually says that his goal is to provide more mosques to Christian communities. If you doubt the power of Islamic groups, the U.S. Treasury keeps details of sanctioned persons, businesses and charitable organizations that fund terrorism, but this is only the Magnitsky Act sanctions. There are many more besides these:

Just under the Magnitsky Act alone, you can scroll through a seemingly endless list of ISIS organizations that exist, from Illinois to Afghanistan and all points in between. It’s a massive organization. The names you’ll see often in this list are variations of the name Farakhan. This list would logically include groups supported by powerful people in the “investment world” because these are the money people:

This next lecture is just what’s needed to understand what the Great Reset actually is. It explains how the control freaks imagine funneling all the money generated by productive corporation into increased taxes that go to puppet politicians who are then instructed to pass those taxes on to preferred mind controlled minions in society, thereby enabling them to terrorize the rest of us in our daily lives. This system is already in place, but it would be ramped up and Islamized. This would take attention off of the Jewish identified people who control the rigged markets which is who also sponsors mosque building in Christian nations.

Notice that when he brings up the definition of fascism, that he’s predisposed to interpret it in a negative light. However, if you keep your mind in neutral, you can see that fascism is actually describing something balanced and logical. The system’s efficacy depends on whose running it, and what is the efficacy that they aim for. Fascism, from his definition, actually seeks balance between profit and community wealth and well being. But we can see that if a privileged, tribal “intelligence community” is super-imposed upon our communities, then the wealth and well being will be for them, not for us.

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