New Iberia Pirate Home Tour

Would you like to take a tour of villain homes up for sale in New Iberia? It’s available online here. These real estate listings are, or were at one time, the Gates, Caffery, Landry, and Lourd homes, all names that my long-term readers will recognize as the main villains in my saga. I’ve been tracking this for a while, and the first of the pirate homes went up for sale awhile back, most of them on the Bayou Teche which is how I figure they were moving the child slaves around between back yards. That all of these villain houses would be up for sale at the same time gives me hope that they might have all been arrested at the same time, or at least they’re leaving town at the same time. These are some fabulous homes, so if you want to take a tour, here it is, with commentary.

I found a strong possible connection between Bill Gates and the Frederic Larned Gates home on Main Street in New Iberia. It’s now for sale. This listing shows the interior and surrounding gardens. The home is in the center of town on a large lot, but the listing makes it look like a country home. It’s listed in the $800,000 range which is a very high end price range in the small town of New Iberia.

This is where Brian Lourd grew up:

This is where Ben Landry/Adam Shiff grew up. It’s near the Gates House on Main Street. His father has been discussed here also, a key player, possibly even the one calling himself Sergei Lavrov.

This is the home built by Pat Caffery, who corresponds to Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey.

That’s all for now. I dare say these are some of the top level pirates, so don’t lose hope.

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