JFK and XRP: Unfinished Business

This article is way too long, and still not finished. Sorry about that. It’s a huge subject.

If you look carefully at all the photos and films you’ll see Harry Belafonte is the same individual as the young JFK, who is also Sam Cooke and various other stage names Gerald “Kennedy” used in films.

It’s obvious once you think of it. The travels of JFK as a young man are the same as those of Belafonte. Even Sheriff Andy Taylor is JFK, and Deputy Barney Fife is Frank Sinatra. Kennedy surely was living in Loreauville. Knowing his so-called “Hollywood” connections, it’s only logical because Hollywood was Loreauville also. Plus what I remember of 1964, and so many details that I’ve just learned which match up with the Kennedy and the Sam Cooke story, I could hardly list it all in one article.

For example, if you read about Sam Cooke, everyone says that his drummer Womack married Cooke’s wife within 3 months of Cooke’s death, wore Cooke’s clothes, drove his car, moved into his house and supposedly had an affair with Cooke’s daughter “Linda”. Certainly smacks of identity theft, as I see it and some of this actually happened in Loreauville, in 1964 to a man named Gerald who looked like Kennedy in the house of someone I’ve already written about: the infamous Rita, the Black Widow and her husband, The Cuban Man of the Zapruder film, Ovey LeBlanc, Sr. aka Dudney.

I wrote about Ovey LeBlanc, Sr. being the man employed by the Texas Department of Education, who is in the Zapruder film and called the Cuban. He also made the amateurish cut and pasted Zapruder film. He and his family actually still own and live in the exact same house where Gerald, who looked like Kennedy lived in Loreauville. I remember the Gerald looked like Andy Griffith and he was actually the Sheriff in Loreauville. He also had a son or nephew who we actually did call Opey, who was the same Opey on Mayberry RFD, Ron Howard. My childhood was full of this strange overlap between TV and real life.

The property where the Ovey Leblanc house sits is the front yard of a much older house where Ovey, (Zapruder film) and Rita (The Black Widow) still lived a few years ago around 2015. I’m sure that there was another Rita and that the fake one was actually Johnny Breaux, one of Al Capone/Roy Breaux’s daughters. I identified them in previous articles. They wouldn’t let me enter when I arrived there with Ovey, Jr. one Thanksgiving Day not long ago. These were people I’d known since the 1960’s. Strange. It made me go hmmm.

That old house, ever since we were children, was actually haunted by a headless man. It was a spooky house, for certain. Keep that in mind. Ovey Jr. and his sister Roxanne (probably Ariana Huffington judging by photos) and another sister Juanita all were afraid of that ghost, so they stayed in the newer front house where Gerald, Linda and Opey had lived before 1964. The other “modern” house built in the front yard was always closed and I never entered it, but I was very familiar with the rest of the property. There was a small beauty salon next door, and Bonin Street on the other side, but the entire property was on Main Street near the High School. T-May Barras’ Heritage Museum was also next door. I think that this is where the Mayberry name originated. New Iberia is often called “the Berry”, and Loreauville is located in Iberia Parish.

These two houses in the front yard were all owned by family members, but somehow the Sheriff, Linda and Opey were suddenly no longer there. Instead, Rita and Ovey were living there by the time we buried little Eddie. Linda’s father, a man coincidentally named Joe, built the house and was bedridden at some point, I was told. As for last names, all I can say for certain is that either Linda or her mother was a Broussard. Judging by photos, Linda or a sister is probably the woman named Grace Broussard who sang with Dale Houston as “Dale and Grace“, also said to have perished in an auto accident. Dale Houston is either John F. Kennedy or his older brother. They have ancestral connections to Sam Houston.

This would be Linda and Gerald, or his brother. I remember Linda well.

The Day The Music Died: John Fitzgerald Kennedy

For verification I’ll need someone with access to Sheriff records to find out the name and maybe photo of the Sheriff in Loreauville in 1963, and it should be done quickly before it can be scrubbed. 1964-65 were the years that both my little brother Eddie was hospitalized for two years at Oschner’s with my mother, around the time that wicked and penniless gold digger woman Caroline Gillis Rich entered the scene and my grandfather Albert Pep Broussard was sick and died. It looks like a multi-pronged attack was made against our genetic pool, with help from fake doctors, culpable hospitals and deadly drugs.

Jerry is short for Gerald.

Did you know that Elvis, Doris Day and Beatles music as well as Apple Electronics, to name only a portion, were part of “Sam Cooke’s” estate? They tell us the unlikely story that Sam was a poor black ghetto boy from the Bronx, a standard for all identity-theft fake CIA backgrounds. It’s only necessary to look at this estate and who owns it now in order to know who benefitted by the murder of Sam Cooke/Kennedy. The identity theft of Linda may have been the key to this theft appearing legitimate, but who enforces laws? Not only have the Kennedy assassination conspirators never faced trial, they’ve also grown into monstrously powerful institutions that wish to also murder the rest of us, with no trial, using culpable hospitals and staff. Anyone using the word conspiracy is ostracized and ridiculed. Some of us don’t like being ostracized, but not enough to make
us deny the plain truth.

Who is now pretending to be the Beatles, the Kennedy family and the founder of Apple? Now that I’ve looked closely at them, I realize I’ve already published some of their photos as other identities from Arlene’s collection, Scarsdale High School and recent news so I recognized a couple of them immediately.

For example:

The woman that is called the “Uzbekistan Princess” is the same woman who claims to be JFK’s niece Maria Shriver, but that’s the least of it. Here she’s shown with deadly enemy General Soleimani, who also calls himself Prince Michael of England. My old friend Putin is said to have this former gymnast as his mistress or whatever the title is for what she does. The man with the dark hat also has another identity as a Putin ally and President of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadirov.

We’ll get to that.

The fake Maria Shriver is called Gulnara Karimova in this photo when she was young. The man sitting next to her is her brother who “purchased” Warner Brothers, covered in a previous article, I can’t remember his full name right now. These are the people who stole the Russian Romanov estates and tyrannize the people who still live there.

This is General Soleimani with the Ayatolla who have killed many American soldiers with IEDs and enslaved the entire Persian Kingdom. How much of their illegitimate success is powered by stolen technology, music and film royalties, my own inheritance, since the Kennedy assassination?

Gulnara Karimova’s brother pays people to go to his Hollywood parties.

These murderous thieves are not only pretending to be us, but they are also collecting royalties and worst of all, spreading scandalous lies about all the people and families in those stolen films and records, my relatives.

Through these disgusting lies, the thieves promote, not only war, but also perverse behavior by claiming that famous people did drugs, were drunks, child molesters and were generally immoral people by nature. This lie is classic psychological projection of Jewish culture onto Catholic culture. No one is perfect, but it’s a question of what is considered normal and acceptable on a cultural basis.

This next photo is the daughter and son-in-law of the man called Lee Harvey Oswald aka Mike Carr, friend of Arlene. Using the same lawyer as Jeffrey Epstein, Roy Black, this young man cheated his way out of rape charges in Florida. His name supposedly is William Kennedy Smith. His wife Debbie, shown here, was on the jury shortly before they married. Cheaters will cheat. He also fraudulently claims to be a Kennedy, and he was on trial using that fraudulent Kennedy identity. I’ve published many photos of these two, and their son as the Smiths. She was most recently fired (by Trump) from her job as UN Ambassador.

This photo was in Arlene’s house.

“…testimony takes place in the highly publicized rape trial of William Kennedy Smith, a nephew of President John F. Kennedy and son of Jean Kennedy Smith…William Kennedy Smith was arrested and charged with rape at the Kennedy mansion in Palm Beach in May 1991. By the end of the year, he was acquitted in court.”

On a wide scale, using media monopolies, the identity thieves are claiming that the people who made the films and appeared in them were all poor, Jewish and from the Bronx, or else black ghetto dwellers. It’s ridiculous. All of the fake family stories they publish are sick and perverted because they are replacing our lives with theirs, as they continue to erase all Catholics from the planet. This is a real eugenics program that is changing the nature of the American population, with big tech monopolies functioning as a giant gas chamber to poison the mind.

Big Tech Tyranny is rooted in the Kennedy/Sam Cooke assassination because his estate included Apple Electronics, which I believe includes Tesla technology.

Considering medical abduction and memory erasure , let’s look closely at this one particular person who I conclude was the son of Gerald/John F. Kennedy or possibly his nephew. This son, or nephew called Jerry, was around 12 years old at the time of Kennedy’s death, his mother died in the reported car accident in November 1963 that broke both of Jerry’s legs. I wonder if that’s what really happened. He was said to be from Scott, La. I’ve introduced him here before as Jerry Arceneaux. Jerry was the original John Lennon, but I have only my memory as witness to that. He might also be Alexus Mardas, judging by the description.

Ever heard of Alexis Mardas?

Alexis Mardas is the computer genius that was part of Apple Electronics. This leads us to big tech monopoly, the baseless case against XRP and why Brad Garlinghouse is targeted in the SEC lawsuit.

After 1964, the Beatles were all switched out, but the music was still being made by the original ones who were replaced. I conclude that memory erasure accomplished this. It appears that the real John Lennon (Jerry), with memory erased, was introduced to the fake John Lennon and that is what Apple was all about. I hope to get clarification on this. The Ransonet family plays into this, with Levy Ransonet (John Podesta/Steve Jobs) being one of the insider fake friends, along with Ovey and Rita LeBlanc, Dr. Schneider and particularly Dr. Romero who was not a doctor at all, but was definitely related to “Netanyahu”, as previously covered.

If you read through these linked wikipedia entries and other events related to Apple, Sam Cooke, Allen Klein and John Lennon, you might conclude, as I did, that the original John Lennon was actually surrounded by the usurpers, deprived of his memory, perhaps more than once, and basically kept as a creative genius slave who generated 100’s of millions of dollars, now billions in revenues for his handlers. This set-up is typical of the life of any targeted individual. He deserves compassion because he appears to have been unwittingly working to enrich the murderers of his own family, the thieves of his own inheritance, and mine.

I witnessed Frank Sinatra’s grandson Cameron being convinced that the people who destroyed his family were actually his family. He believed them because they’d already killed everyone who could tell him the truth. I warned him, but lies actually are black magic.


I’ve said that John Lennon was someone I knew as Jerry, and if that’s not enough, I think he’s Brad Garlinghouse today, and he’s being used as a scapegoat who they wish to be jailed so that XRP can be controlled by the conspirators in the Kennedy assassination. The plans are falling through because false identities within both the SEC, and the fake family of Jerry/Brad Garlinghouse are being revealed. This is good news for XRP. The price is rising now, but this is after much market manipulation to keep it suppressed so that insiders can buy cheap. Meanwhile. the rest of us are prohibited from buying as US citizens, thanks to traitorous SEC corruptocrats.

Jerry appears to have been co-opted in the same way Vicky Walet/Nancy Sinatra was, by medical means and by being surrounded. I also witnessed my own mother and father being controlled by these means. The effect is that the person actually does help out their worst enemie, and feel certain that it’s justified. They’ll specifically hurt their loved ones because that is the whole point of the programming.

I know how Frank Sinatra’s grandson Cameron was abducted by CPS after the Katrina Hurricane disaster. He was forcefully taken from both his mother and grandmother, put into a terrible foster home in another state, and forbidden to ever see his mother. This is what they did to the family of Frank Sinatra, with their memories erased. I don’t know what day Sinatra actually died because he was replaced by an imposter. Cameron was given a false story about his mother, told him by the criminals in Texas Child Protective Services.

I don’t know what happened to Jerry, but it’s probably a similar story. In his case, they just outright murdered his entire family and they’ve hidden him in the open, behind a Thousand Famous Faces and I cannot speak openly to ask him about details. Maybe someday…

Fame is a prison wall that a ‘nobody” like myself can never penetrate. This allows a small group to maintain control over the famous, which is catastrophic for the famous. Since the Kennedy assassination, only these imprisoned, orphaned, genetically superior, medically controlled slaves are allowed to become famous. They don’t understand that they are slaves, because it all works through manipulation from a young age. Anyone else is censored. If they awaken and resist, their reputations are slandered in the media, like Britney Spears and probably Michael Jackson, among others. Justice is actually up to the general public, whether to accept slanderous lies or defend your favorite famous person. I’m seeing people come to Britney’s defense and that’s the right way.

Picking up my story where America left unfinished business in 1964, I have to return to Jerry Arceneaux. The Kennedy assassination was never properly dealt with, and this is what I’ve been dancing around in this story. Every one of the famous but persecuted victims that I’ve written about so far was part of Kennedy’s circle. Everyone so far has had multiple public personnas. It’s only logical that I’d find Kennedy at some point, by recognizing his face. I felt that the Kennedy family actually used another name in real life. In fact, these must be the real Astor, Morgan, Romanov and Fugger families, including Thomas Edison, Tesla, Dr. Karl Jung and all the early film and sound engineers. The best clues are in the faces and places filmed by them.

As for technology, something on youtube triggered memories of Jerry Arceneaux. I was only four years old in 1964, but honestly I always tested 3-4 years ahead of my classmates, and all of my friends were 2-3 years older than me. My point is that I easily remember people and events from 1964 because mentally I was more like a 7 or 8 year old.

I’ll share what I remember because it’s time for a real investigation, and the investigation should be taken on as a worldwide endeavor by everyone, since our courts and government agencies are nothing but worm-eaten corruption at this point. Only a few people have access to NSA records, and I wish I were one of them. Even without help, with what I’m able to reconstruct, it’s no wonder they want me dead.

I already wrote about this boy Jerry recovering from a car accident in 1964, staying with his sister and her husband in Loreauville. They were my neighbors and family friends named Jeff and Virginia Prados. After much study, I can confirm that as I remember them both, they correspond exactly to Bobby and Ethel Kennedy in appearance There’s also a Prados woman I recognize from Loreauville in Arlene’s photo collection. She’s at the airport in Hawaii.

This is the page next to the Prados photos in Arlene’s album.

You’ll also find Jeff Prados/Bobby Kennedy as the host of American Bandstand, here with Gerald Kennedy aka Bobby Pickett doing a Zombie act while singing The Monstor Mash. I recognize Bobby Pickett as John FitzGerald Kennedy especially because you can see the unique wrinkle pattern between his eyes, which Kennedy has:


Ethel Kennedy/Virginia Prados was the sister of Jerry, as I remember being told. If that relationship is not correct, at least I know for certain that Jerry stayed with her in 1964.

I remember this woman as Jerry’s sister with this blonde hair and lighter skin tone. The man on the right looks somewhat like my uncle Sully, Jr. who was an airplane pilot. This is a photo taken at the Miami Airport.

All of the Kennedy circle appeared on both the Dean Martin and the Ed Sullivan Shows. I haven’t gotten around to talking about all these people, but I will one day.

“The Ed Sullivan Show was a television variety program that aired on CBS from 1948-1971. For 23 years it aired every Sunday night and played host to the world’s greatest talents. The Ed Sullivan Show is well known for bringing rock n’ roll music to the forefront of American culture through acts like Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones. The entertainers each week ranged from comedians like Joan Rivers and Rodney Dangerfield, to Broadway stars Julie Andrews and Richard Burton, to pop singers such as Bobby Darin and Petula Clark. It also frequently featured stars of Motown such as The Supremes, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder and The Jackson 5. The Ed Sullivan Show was one of the only places on American television where such a wide variety of popular culture was showcased and its legacy lives on to this day.”


Revealing this information could release at least one captive, and I hope it’s Jerry. His story is worth a fortune, if it could be told honestly.

I strongly suspect that Jerry’s talents have been exploited by the same people who killed his family (and mine) and who fraudulently claim to be his family.

Crimes Allowed To Fester

The crime is called the Kennedy assassination, and it is the crime behind the story of the Bjorn Identity, the propagated myth that Jews “invented“ Hollywood and the lie that Albert Einstein was a genius with multiple accomplishments who sat around writing quotes while conveniently employed full time at the US Patent Office. All of these fraudulent claims can be understood by looking at the estate of Sam Cooke, who owns it now, how did they get it? Sam Cooke’s estate included Apple Electronics technology and all Beatle’s music. I suspect that Tesla technology is included in this, based on the photo of my grandfather and his brothers, but that’s another story.

Who is Sam Cooke, really? Why was his autopsy so irregular, even after a brutal murder, probably done with a hammer. His head was nearly knocked off the body, as Etta James reported. Possibly the head was completely severed, thus the headless ghost in the old house where Gerald’s family lived. Sam Cooke’s nose, hands and legs were crushed. There was a big problem with the autopsy, logically since he was actually a white man called President John F. Kennedy. Why do they say his corpse was put on an airplane for Chicago, a very expensive thing to do, yet he was supposedly staying at a cheap hotel? The two dates of death are close, but not the same, between November and December, 1964. Surely someone has researched all of this already. I’m just beginning to study it and it’s overwhelming at this point. Bobby Kennedy was shot by a gun close enough to his back that the skin was burned. Was that gun a Beretta by any chance, or what?

I have to mention here about other people I knew well in Loreauville because they are associated with Sam Cooke: Lovelace and Letha. Lovelace is now known best as Muhammad Ali or Cassius Clay. He worked for my father “at the shop”, as we called it. He drove the green winch truck and he was loved by everyone. His voice is unmistakeable. He has a few other stage names. I doubt the funeral of Sam Cooke was actually held in Chicago, because Lovelace was there. He knew that Sam wasn’t really black. Was Gerald buried in Loreauville?

Letha was Aletha Vital who lived next to the bombed-out Vida Shaw Sugar Mill and often baby-sat with us at home while my mother worked. She is most famously known as Ella Fitzgerald. She remained good friends of my mother even after we moved to New Iberia. She did at least one appearance on the Dean Martin Show. Another unmistakeable voice.

There’s a photo of Lovelace aka Muhammad Ali at the Sam Cooke funeral looking critically at the corpse.

This next photo is the young John F. Kennedy. The only true Sam Cooke photos online look like the young Harry Belafonte who is actually Sam Cooke. You can also see how much Kennedy looks like Opey, Ron Howard.

This is the young John F. Kennedy.

There are two old Harry Belafonte albums in Arlene’s collection. There’s also an Abba album with a photo of Bjorn Alvaeus who I suspect is Jerry. The people claiming to be Abba band members today don’t look anything like the original band members, yet music royalty payments have created hundreds of millions of dollars of income for them. Who’s collecting it? I begin to find Jerry’s face on many other albums in Arlene’s collection and all over the cryptocurrency space today. I have to limit myself to one or two of these identities otherwise it’s just crazy. I also find the same culprit’s photos when looking at the people claiming to be who they are not.

Bjorn Alvaeus is the one that is of interest. He looks like Garlinghouse at this point. His support crew also looks so familiar I could point out Putin’s press secretary named Peskoff among them in an online photo.
Notice that Bjorn is holding a light wand something like that of Luke Skywalker. Light sculptures are what Alexis Mardus of Apple Electronics was known for. This one is not real. The hands are pasted in.

The problem we all face, all around the world, is the unfinished business of the Kennedy murders. It’s truly amazing how XRP accomplishes what Kennedy began, an attempt at freedom from central bank mafia tyranny and thieving government. Kennedy and the people behind him understood our enslavement to CIA/banking/war merchants. Certainly we carry genetic memories and carry on certain work from one generation to the next, even with erased memories.

What I couldn’t stop thinking about is my neighbor in 1964, Jeff Prados, the husband of Jerry’s sister, how he looks like Robert Kennedy and she looked like Ethel.

This next song is Sam Cooke singing that if he had a hammer, he’d hammer out a warning. Listen to what an excellent stage manner he had. Notice how, unlike Obama, ridicule and insults play no part in Sam’s act. Imagine what other stage names he might have had, to expand both his market and his creative potential. I see him in many movies, but we have to focus on the events of 1964.

The use of multiple identities can be used for unifying purposes between cultures, or it can be used to divide and conquer. Sam, like JFK, was a unifying force.

The entertainment industry foundations are those of the Walet/Sinatra and Dean Martin/Broussard families. The person who ended up with all of the music rights that belonged to Sam Cooke, or actually his father, including the Beatles music and Apple Electronics, is a Jew named Allen Klein, supposedly a business associate of Sam Cooke. The Catholic artists and their families have not collected a penny in royalties since then, even wikipedia admits this much. Nor have we had a moment of peace.

William Kennedy Smith with a woman that’s his mother, and his wife Debbie.

Deep insde the wikipedia entry for Allen Klein, is this:

“Once in charge of Apple, Klein fired a large number of the organization’s employees, including Apple Records president Ron Kass, and replaced them with his own people.[85][86] He closed Apple Electronics, which was headed by Alexis Mardas. Mardas resigned his directorship in May 1971.[87] Klein’s attempt to fire Neil Aspinall, a longtime confidant of the Beatles, was immediately thwarted by the band.[31]

This massive theft of music, film and other technology has morphed into the monstrous cultural deformity that is now our life. The theft has allowed every single identity of our families and other patent originators and artists to be stolen by some Jewish or Muslim person. They brag about it online, for example the Mayberry RFD character “Ernest T. Bucket” is claimed and used to promote the superiority of Jews. Is this who owned the William Morris Agency in Hollywood, now called CCA?

At a certain age, around the teenage years, JFK and his brothers and cousins all look similar, especially the one called Dale Houston who sang as “Dale and Grace”.

This is supposed to be John F. Kennedy, but he also looks like Dale Houston who might be Kennedy’s brother Joe. The ears are too big, unless he’s an adolescent or wearing fake ears. This image looks like it’s been tampered with.

To summarize, from my personal experience, I remember these people as follows, and hopefully this can be verified at some point:

The one called JFK makes me think of a man who was actually the sheriff of Loreauville at that time. These memories are from long, long ago but yes, I believe his name was Gerald. It just so happens that he lived in the house that Rita, Roxanne, Juanita and Ovey LeBlanc, Sr. and Jr. lived in afterwards, and still own. Ovey LeBlanc Sr. is who wrote The Dudney Trail and pieced together the Zapruder film. He’s “the Cuban”, sitting next to the Umbrella Boy on the curb at Dealy Plaza in the Zapruder film. All of this is in previous articles.

I remember a woman named Linda living in the same house, or one of the houses on that property. I suppose she was the Sheriff’s wife, but sister or sister in law are possibilities. The Sheriff had the odd quirk of privately also being a tailor. He knew how to sew. Coincidence that the Sheriff of Mayberry was Andy Taylor?

Linda’s father Joe built the house and her or her mother’s surname was Broussard. Her father owned a tugboat business, or so I was told at some point. I was also told, much later, by Ovey Leblanc, Jr., that this Sheriff had been bludgeoned to death, which of course no one told me before because I was four when it happened. Joe remained confined to bed in his old age, but I saw him before that and his appearance was similar to Joe Kennedy, Sr. Linda looked sort of like Grace Broussard, who sang with Dale Houston. She looked alot like my mother when she was young, I remember people saying that and her photos bear that out. The only Grace that I know of was the wife of Antoine Preval Broussard.

It’s still unclear about Jackie Kennedy, but these next photos in one of Arlene’s albums look just like Jaqueline, only the eyebrows are different. She also looks like Joyce who “ worked at the shop” in Loreauville. I’ve mentioned her before as part of a menage a trois with Betty and Norman Duhon. All of these people worked at my Dad’s “shop”. I can’t explain the precise relationships, but here is a Jaqueline Kennedy look-alike in California who was important enough for Arlene to preserve all these clippings in her album.

Some detail is lost in this photo, but this looks like Jaqueline Kennedy. The body is exactly the same.

I’ve been trying to remember what happened to the Sheriff of Loreauville after that. Did I really hear whispers that he was bledgeoned to death or not? Was it Ovey, Jr. who told me much later? Would anyone have told this to a four year old anyway? This is how Sam Cooke was killed, so the question needs to be confirmed with some exhumations and DNA tests. Was Sam Cooke also JFK, who’s buried where? So much more needs to be answered verified.

I’ve seen a photo in a documentary that appears to be Arlene with Sam Cooke so she could have been the make-up artist. I believe this might be Arlene at around :15, on a 1960 Dean Martin episode that is very interesting in its entirety and adds dimension to the questions being raised by all of this. It begins with a twist on the Barney Fife-Frank Sinatra thing.

There was great controversy over the autopsy of Sam Cooke. Logically it would have been revealed at least that he was white, at most that he was our President. There should be a record somewhere of whoever was the law enforcement officer in Loreauville in 1963, and how he died.

Jerry went to New York at the end of summer, as I remember being told.

Now that I’ve presented evidence of stolen identities of prominent people, it should be recognized as something that really happens, most importantly as enemy military strategy. With the evidence in front of us, it’s too obvious that, in order to pinpoint the culprits involved in the Kennedy assassination coup, we only need look closely at the Sam Cooke murder, the Asian girl who was with him and then look at who has fraudulently assumed the Kennedy identities today.

What’s the connection to the SEC lawsuit against Ripple?

Think about the fact that no public presentation of evidence has ever been held over the death of President Kennedy. The SEC vs Brad Garlinghouse court case can finally do just that, which would certainly put the “SEC” deep state in panic. They’d drop the case I think. The photographs, films, signatures, DNA and voice recordings could present the evidence as to exactly why Brad Garlinghouse is being unfairly targeted. There’s so much evidence that I am overwhelmed and can only touch on it, and hopefully others can dig along with me. When in doubt, remember that the husbands and wives go along with the different identities as a team, which provides further verification,

Ever since I realized that Harry Belafonte, Sam Cooke and JFK are actually the same individual, the Sam Cooke murder has been much less of a mystery.

Sam Cooke:

I sure wish I could earn some money for all this work.

The lyrics of “The Sound of Silence” and this movie scene, to me, are a description of memory erasure. The face of this actor…hmmm. Read between the lips.

Here are a few excerpts from wikipedia, about Allen Klein. It’s lies and truth all jumbled together, that need further investigation:

There is no way that Sam Cooke worked for anyone but himself and his family. He certainly didn’t work for Allen Klein.

“While the deal benefited Cooke, it also greatly benefited Klein, who ended up owning the rights to all of Cooke’s recordings made since the contract re-negotiation when Cooke was killed in 1964 and his widow sold Cooke’s remaining rights to Klein.[39]

Allen Klein (December 18, 1931 – July 4, 2009) was an American businessman, music publisher, writers’ representative and record label executive. He was known for his tough persona and aggressive negotiation tactics, many of which affected industry standards for compensating recording artists.”

“…because Carr’s testimony corroborated Franklin’s version of events, and because both Boyer and Franklin later passed polygraph tests,[43][65] the coroner accepted Franklin’s explanation and returned a verdict of justifiable homicide.[5] With that verdict, authorities officially closed the case on Cooke’s death.[66]

Some of Cooke’s family and supporters, however, have rejected Boyer’s version of events, as well as those given by Franklin and Carr. They believe that there was a conspiracy to murder Cooke and that the murder took place in some manner entirely different from the three official accounts.[67][68][69][70][71][72][73] Singer Etta James viewed Cooke’s body before his funeral and questioned the accuracy of the official version of events. She wrote that the injuries she observed were well beyond the official account of Cooke having fought Franklin alone. James wrote that Cooke was so badly beaten that his head was nearly separated from his shoulders, his hands were broken and crushed, and his nose mangled.[74] Some people have speculated that Cooke’s manager, Allen Klein, might have had a role in his death. Klein owned Tracey, Ltd, which ultimately owned all rights to Cooke’s recordings.[75]

No concrete evidence supporting a criminal conspiracy has been presented to date.[71][72]

According to Franklin, she grappled with Cooke, the two of them fell to the floor, and she then got up and ran to retrieve a gun. She said she then fired at Cooke in self-defense because she feared for her life. Cooke was struck once in the torso. According to Franklin, he exclaimed, “Lady, you shot me”, in a tone that expressed perplexity rather than anger, before advancing on her again. She said she hit him in the head with a broomstick before he finally fell to the floor and died.[59]

The motel’s owner, Evelyn Carr,[note 1] said that she had been on the telephone with Franklin at the time of the incident. Carr said she overheard Cooke’s intrusion and the ensuing conflict and gunshot. She called the police to request that officers go to the motel, telling them she believed a shooting had occurred.[60]

The next video is to show how bad some actors were on the Andy Griffith Show, and yet here are internet trolls proclaiming their glory. Why is that?

The following comments are typical troll interactions to promote false histories of old movie stars. I’m sick of these lies. Considering the value of stolen royalties, it’s no wonder these trolls are hired to reinforce the fraud. In this case, they are promoting an irritating and unfunny occasional guest on the Andy Griffith Show. His name was Ernest T. and this troll brags that this actor and “everyone” who works in Hollywood and Washington DC is Jewish.

“That’s hard to believe, that Earnest T. was only in five episodes. He made such a big impact on the show. This video brought me to tears laughing.1 year ago1048Dan Kahraman

“He did a lot behind the scenes…look up the man behind the character. You will be amazed: Howard Morris.1 year ago3Janet Mccoy

“Dan Kahraman What else did he do behind the scenes?1 year ago1Dan Kahraman

“Even Ernest T was Jewish” 4 months ago3Chris Miller

“As are most people that work in Hollywood, and in DC. We taking over baby! 🇮🇱Shalom!🇮🇱“ 1 year ago8suzycreamcheesez”

Is Brad Garlinghouse the son of John F. Kennedy? If there weren’t sufficient evidence, I wouldn’t bring it up.

The murders of the Kennedy brothers, and Sam Cooke, have never actually been dealt with. This unfinished business has built up into a crescendo of crimes, as the murderous families flourish two generations later, claiming ownership of absolutely everything that isn’t rightfully theirs, and thinking it’s all so funny.

The best summary of the unfair targeting of the two XRP CEOs is by Bearable Bull, posted next. If the courts rule that these CEOs can be imprisoned for what has previously only been subject to a relatively small bureaucratic regulatory fine and no disruption to the business, then a new precedent is set that CEOs can be jailed for violating bureaucratic regulations.

It is a sword that cuts through even those behind this targeting operation, especially those government employees who are traitors to their nation. Personal responsibilty, oh my! If my theory about JFK is correct, then XRP investors form a group that could help identify the conspirators behind the death of two Catholic presidents. I’ve already identified many of the people in the ridiculous Zapruder film. The Sam Cooke estate is not only my inheritance, it’s the heritage of everyone in America. This courtcase could be the venue for presentation of evidence. It would be a challenge for them to murder or discredit so many people.

Of course the Kennedy murderers are all now lording it over us in the government they have usurped, otherwise, what would be the point? Imagine the money flowing into their pockets. We must force discovery on the Kennedy cases, which have glaring irregularities and even clear evidence of who is guilty. The problem of corrupt courts requires a solution. Let’s work on that too.

Researching and remembering is for verification before I share by writing, but this all began as ghosts whispering in my ear. They give me no peace until I do my due diligence and pass the message on to others, otherwise I’m guilty of propping up crimes. My job is to solve crimes, not hide them. All of our lives depend on it. We all desperately need for some villain or two to transform into a hero now. You would be loved for it.

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