The Beatles

In this early video of the original Beatles, I found Virginia Prados who is Jerry Arceneaux/John Lennon’s sister, seen clearly for a split second in profile at 1:08. In other frames she’s combing his hair. I compared this image to that of Ethel Kennedy, the wife of Robert Kennedy and it’s easy to see they are the same, only the hair and makeup colors are different. I’ve always known her to be blonde.

I think this is the most beautiful song by the Beatles.

The dance number with the feathers is perhaps meant to remind us of “The I Don’t Care Girl” movie with Mitzi Gaynor who could well be a relative. That would be the message behind that dance number.

Ethel Kennedy with dark hair.
John Lennon actually had a straight nose and was not old enough to drive or have a beard in 1964.
Healing Music

I’m beginning to believe that songs are about events that will happen in the future and I’ve given a lot of thought as to who wrote so many amazing songs and trained an entire orchestra for these movies and songs. We’ll get to talented European musicians, retired double agent Nazi spies and advanced technology, all in Loreauville at the time of the Kennedy assassinations.

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