Who is Targeted and Why?

The question on our minds as to what this harassment is all about; specifically why is anyone expending the energy to carry out targeting operations and the answer could be for some of us that there were spies in our own families, and that we are Hapsburgs.

Because of our family background, what we are able to figure out could disrupt someone’s plans for Total Dominion. They certainly don’t want us running for political office.

I have many questions still, but this is where I am with what I know and what I suspect. There were Hapsburg spies in World War II who were descendants of the same in all previous wars and therefore already had a network and communication techniques that spanned nations worldwide. That network was Roman Catholic.

Networks consisted of relatives and friends in all walks of life including top leadership in business, finance, transportation, government, education and art. Recording technology, electro-magnetic research, psychological research was already under the management of the benign Hapsburg network when Germany was taken over from within by SS troops. The SS leader, Heinrich Himmler does not look German at all.

Hapsburg is the name used to avoid the words Roman Catholic, which would alert people to the importance of having one true religion that unites people across borders. Without Hapsburg secret agents, the SS would have enslaved more than just the Germans. Only the Jews/Muslims have organization now, as planned.

Why is the Hapsburg remnant targeted for harassment and destruction? Because we historically are the ones who disrupt the plans made to destroy civilized, rule-based society.

The two main families who refused to pledge allegiance to Hitler are now called the Fugger (rhymes with cougar) and the other is now spelled Welser. Wells Fargo company is a likely representation of this network in America.

Hapsburgs are actually the people depicted as the last monarchs of Europe when all that monarchy stuff was being ridiculed by the enemy who planned to usurp it all for themselves, and have. In real life, the legitimate “royals” were educated professionals. It’s their professional lives that provide clues as to their identities.

Consider that none of these Nazi confiscated factories could have continued operation without experts. Recordings prove that Hitler had an uneducated accent and was certainly surrounded by thugs. It was the need for educated professionals that opened the door for Hapsburg spies to enter Nazi ranks and end up in high positions. I know it may seem strange now, but in those days apparently an education gave people useful, productive skills.

There are two films that finally made World War II clear to me. We are so pushed to blame the German people, but in reality they were and still are victims of on-going genocide and enslavement. How does this continue? One movie depicts how terror tactics were used on civilians by the SS while German men were at war. In the WWII spy movie called “The Adventures of Tartu”, I recognize the man playing Tartu as an actual member of the Hapsburg family. This is hinted at in the script.

The second is a documentary that includes photos and films of Nazi officials.

The Tartu movie provides answers to questions raised in the Nazi documentary, including details as to how the Hapsburgs infiltrated Nazi projects and therefore were able to hand over the research to the Allies.

At the Nuremburg trials, it’s not clear who was working for which side. We aren’t supposed to know.

The Tartu movie shows how the research would be brought just to the point of completion and ready for delivery when the spies would remove the essentials and sabotage and explode the underground facilities. The documentary backs this up and tells us what happened after.

The documentary shows that great effort was made to retrieve certain crates from near the explosion sites. A James Bond movie has Bond dropping a gold bar with Nazi insignia onto a putting green in 1960’s England. So much to unpack in that scene.

Is there a relationship between missing crates, gold hunters and the targeting of Hapsburg descendants? That’s a question I still have, and it could explain precisely what all the board of directors movie scenes are about, especially the Jack Nicholson Joker scene, so full of symbolism. Does this scene represent a group of men who were responsible for investing the gold? The mines were originally owned by Hapsburgs, by the way. I tend to think they recovered it.

Whether this board of directors is Catholic or Chinese or Jewish actually has made all the difference in the world to me. Even my personal good relationship with close Jewish friends has not helped me gain their sympathy or a job. That’s why I don’ care what they think about my story. My jewish bigamous husband was working for the Mossad to bring down my family, it’s a fact that doesn’t make me happy.

I’d rather be ruled by my own tribe and I want to have that option. I don’t especially like that my family has been wiped out. I’ve already presented evidence of being a victim of a Mossad operation, but new readers may not know that, judging by recent comments. If anyone would rather blame Germans and Americans, there are a million places to get that, but not here. Only a reminder for those who haven’t read this blog from the beginning: you’ll find it impossible to understand what I’m saying today unless you read the entire story.

As for where the technologists went, Albert Speer somewhat reminds me of Sully Berard, Sr. There are a number of overlapping facts, like his son being a paratrooper in the army, paratroopers retrieving crates from nearby bombed research facilities, Sully, Sr. known to be developing television technology in the 1950’s and that later his boat technology went directly to Al Capone’s boat business receiving millions of dollars worth of government contracts in the 1960’s.

I can only consider the facts:

Sully Senior’s boat technology developed as a family business called Berard Boats at the Port of Iberia in Louisiana after WWII. This was confiscated by the IRS after poisoning and killing Burns Berard who managed the business. Berard Boats became Diamond B Marine, owned by an Al Capone Breaux relative. Sully Berard, Sr. developed aluminum boats and airboats specifically, and anything for marsh transportation. Aluminum boat technology was handed over to Al Capone/Roy Breaux who had a large boat fabrication business. Breaux’s Baycraft was getting government contracts on one side, and free genius technology on the other side, also possibly government sponsored or by using mind control and memory erasure.

I certainly think religious persecution is relevant. Getting over our inordinate worship of Jews would allow us to face up to the hatred of Catholics, as I’ve witnessed it, which can actually be called murderous.

There does exist this intense hatred of Christ’s one and only Church. This anti-Roman Catholic bias is senseless, and based on nothing but false propaganda. It’s unfortunately impossible to present basic facts to the brainwashed.

The fact of the existence and even promotion of cultural and racial hatred against Catholics should be at least acknowledged as a possible motivating factor in targeting and harassment. How much does murderous anti-Catholicism motivate this on-going world war that seems to never end? Will it end when the last Catholic Hapsburg is destroyed? What happens after that I’d rather not be here to see.

This dude here is Jack Nicholson. I think he’s Allen Klein who claims he “rescued” the Beatles, and somehow ended up with Sam Cooke’s music business and his Apple Records and Apple Electronics. In Loreauville he was an arrogant, violent thug named Kerny who lived in Loreauville when I was a child. Other probable identities are Engelbert Humperdink, Boris Yeltsin, Xi Jin Ping. He might be Arch Hall, Jr. who has the Walrus face of Hugh Breaux, brother of Al Capone. Arch Hall Jr., Actor: Eegah. Arch Hall Jr. was born on December 2, 1943 in Van Nuys, California, USA as Archibald W. Hall. He is an actor, known for Eegah (1962), The Sadist (1963) and The Choppers (1961). Arch and Hall are code words I think referring to the beheading of Arceneaux (JFK) in the hallway of the old Broussard house, resulting in the “headless ghost” that was known to walk specifically in the hallway of the old house. Just intuition. If anyone was capable of the type of violence that killed Sam Cooke, it would be Kerny.

I know that some of these movies and sitcoms depict or refer to real events in history.

According to the story of Tartu, the Nazis in Germany hired foreigners to work on projects. Hapsburg spies were good imitators of Nazi characteristics and generally spoke several languages. In Tartu’s case, his only contact to the local underground was killed and he was challenged to complete the mission anyway. Who to trust when you are in enemy territory alone, spying and urgently need to send a message?

This movie explains why the Americans were given all of the German technology intact and already knew exactly where to get it all immediately.

The documentary informs us that the Nazi group that had taken control of Hapsburg technology, the group that did the terrorizing, was actually only the body guard of Hitler, the SS. Same as Isis. The SS was headed by a chinless Asian looking man in glasses, nothing German or military about him. Hitler appears to have been something of the duped sacrificial lamb for an operation headed by this Heinrich Himmler.

China rules Germany.

Heinrich Himmler looks, to me anyway, exactly like that chinless Congressman Mitch McConnell (from the Hymann family) married to that Chinese woman. Is it that same Chinese woman who shows up at the murder of Sam Cooke and next she appears as Yoko Ono with the fake John Lennon. This fake John Lennon Beatle resembles that same chinless Congressman, still wearing the same “Lennon” Himmler glasses.

Himmler looks so much like Mitch McConnell.

According to the movie depiction, it was suddenly that all of these East European institutions were brutalized into submission using public executions of the people. The same techniques were used to take Russian industry. Just gun everybody down into pools of blood, whatever.

The reason we aren’t told this clearly, and instead are focused on fake Jewish suffering, is obviously because the SS still exists and have taken control of information. The true information could be in our family homes if our relatives worked in the Hapsburg underground.

Photographs, letters, old films are what they’ve taken from me, but mostly they steal our credibility and community respect so that we cannot participate in government or society.

My ability to recognize the faces of European Royalty based on my own family photos, and recognizing those same faces in movies and other professions, is a very real threat to their plan to steal those identities. They want dominion based on our stolen identities in an elaborate, expensive game of pretend. However, the rule of garbage in-garbage out cannot be cheated. Eventually the garbage stinks to high heaven.

Here is the movie and the documentary. The codes within the names are from Hapsburg history. I recognize other faces in addition to the ones mentioned, like the person narrating the documentary, which would bring me to the subject of Allen Klein, but first this:

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