Eisenhower, Patton, Von Braun, Duke of Brunswick

When in doubt or fear, I do a home improvement project to ground myself. That’s where I’ve been. It’s also a delaying tactic because I didn’t know how to present this next “psycho-graphic”.

I found a bunch of photos online of my grandmother and grandfather. Now I understand why the photos were all stolen. If what I’ve exposed so far is crazy, unbelievable, yet true, then these photos of my Broussard grandparents go far beyond the Dean Martin’s daughter thing.

The only verification would maybe be inside a file in some military or other government spy agency. It would be classified. I don’t care about all that. I know very well who these people are, and considering the context of what can only be called Operation Paperclip, it’s not unbelievable at all. I grew up around a bunch of geniuses and I thought that was how everyone in the world would be, but it’s not.

“All the monkeys aren’t in the zoo. Everyday you meet quite a few.” (From a 1946 song)

It makes perfect sense to me that my grandfather is also General Patton. A thousand details point to it. Plus there’s more to him than that even. As President Eisenhower, there’s some photoshopping of the mouth area to make his mouth look wider. This next photo of Mamie Eisenhower is definitely my grandmother, Henrietta. I love her. She was awesome.

This is my grandmother, Henrietta Braquet Broussard, or Mamie Eisenhower. ❤️
This is my grandfather Albert Pep Broussard or President Eisenhower. . The brown suit indicates his identity as the Duke of Brunswick.

The first photo above was found when searching for Mamie Eisenhower. The second photo is President Eisenhower. The next photo is from a place on the border between Switzerland and Germany called Iron Hand in English, Eiserne Hand in German.

I think this might be where the name Eisenhower comes from. This was an escape route for Germans after Hitler took control.
This is my grandfather as rocket scientist Werner Von Braun.
Here’s the same man, my grandfather, General Patton.
Here is Eisenhower/Patton/my grandfather, upper left, at the funeral of Robert Kennedy. The man in the front is my so-called godfather, Uncle Sully Berard, Jr. (Erdogan of Turkey).
I’m certain that this is my grandmother with my father, Edmond John Broussard (Dean Martin stage name), the baby. I was searching for the Duke of Brunswick when I found these photos.
Extraordinary and Beautiful Luneberg Coat of Arms. Expand it a bit to see the moon face under the arrow.

There was a huge injustice in outlawing the use of ancient family heraldry. It’s no less than a war crime, and this needs to be corrected. This unjust “law” left many families literally with no surname. It erases a very long, valuable history, which I’m looking into.

But it’s only a paper moon: these people had to get very creative to not lose their identity after their surname-titles were outlawed by outlaws in illegitimate governments. This is how my family became the Kennedy family.

That’s my grandfather in the center. He had Brunswick Records.
Brown, Braun, Brunswick

Who wrote the Beatle’s songs, and all the other great songs of the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s? The name DeSylva provides a clue, and that’s on the research agenda.

I’m just beginning with the identities of my grandparents, but enough for now.

There was something from my last article that may be wrong. Here’s the sad correction about the identity of the mistress of Putin. She may not be the same person who claims to be Maria Shriver, as I previously claimed. I think the mistress of ‘Putin’ is actually this person calling herself, of all things, Sam Cook.

She names herself Sam Cook.

If you can believe that Putin is just another identity for the the one I call Jerry, and that Sam Cook the deceased musician is actually JFK, Jerry’s uncle who was brutally murdered, then this language of mockery is nothing but sickening and evil. I think only my best home school students will be able to understand that last sentence.

There are several examples in history where people welcomed a foreign army as liberator from an oppressive, illegitimate government. Julius Ceasar, Alexander the Great, the US army in 1945 Germany and another possible future example would be if the Russian army ever “invaded” the USA. We could fly white flags throughout the land and serve the soldiers borscht. Welcome dear Russians, it’s about time you arrive! Please arrest our entire government and help us get the murderers out of this government madhouse! We will love you for it and have no mercy for the merciless. If some secret society is killing your family, one at a time, generation after generation, and your children are next, what would you do?

3 thoughts on “Eisenhower, Patton, Von Braun, Duke of Brunswick

  1. The same actor that played Lenin also played Eisenhower. The “Romanovs” continued to lurk, and Alexi played the role of Stalin. With the exception of Alexi, I haven’t found their alts.


  2. Very interesting indeed. I know someone who is descended from the Swiss. De Graffenrieds..( sp) who settled Newbern, N.C.


    1. A Hapsburg family reunion would be interesting. I wonder what the number would be at this point. Graffen or Griffin was like a warden, some sort of public official law enforcement title. I’m just beginning to learn about the surnames that they chose. They trace back to the Guelphs, which became Wells. I believe that Prince Michael chose the surname Guelph for a British passport, if I remember the report correctly. Thanks for commenting.


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