Most leaders in the world today have their wealth and therefore their power based on the stolen property, genocide, identity theft, enslavement and on-going slander of the people from whom they’ve stolen. From the dispossession and destruction of the Catholic Nobility to TSA and mandated mask wearing/Covid testing, the Pirates have had reason to celebrate.

People cry over the so-called “native Americans”, not realizing that these also were long established Catholics. Except for travelers and immigrants, native means born in your own country. Promotion of “native American” land is prelude to kicking you off your property. Creating homelessness is an obsession with Pirates.

The “Native American” is a divisive myth when you factor in the Roman Catholic Orthodox Church. The Church and The Truth are only in eclipse right now, removed from consciousness through acceptance of false teachings. This matters because what they call religion is actually a set of rules for survival. Civilization crumbles when the rules are ignored, when the High Priests and Priestesses are mocked, rejected and replaced with fakery, as they are today.

Why hasn’t TSA been removed yet, despite obvious crossing of lines of decency? Why are lunatics running God’s world? Because this is punishment for adhering to Satanic principles. Anything that divides or mocks God’s one true Church is Satanic.

If you are third generation, this land is unquestionably yours, you are native. Debt incurred by an illegal occupying government is #NotOurDebt. Who has really been financially, socially and politically victimized in the past 160 years might best be called Roman Catholic, but even that name has been usurped by Pirates. We don’t even have a name to call our ourselves.

God will punish those who participate in this, even if you are one of those victims who helps your persecutors. It will get worse until justice and balance are restored. Property must return to the rightful owners, using a Real court system, as God mandated.

Our judges and leaders must be chosen from among our own tribe, not the tribe of Judah. Our tribe is Catholic Orthodox Christian. The Jews and Muslims can choose their own judges.

Leadership must be restored to qualified, honest people. How? Stop believing and repeating lies. Restore the true Catholic Church established by Jesus Christ, remove the Jews and MI6 and restore the educated priesthood and holy orders for women. Then these honest people will create a group of voters who are well informed and responsible, and we’ll have moral people to hold office.

And yet…

the only office that is needed right now is that of Judge and Hang Man.

We must restore the military that defended the Church, because the Church defines and defends a healthy lifestyle. We must restore stolen property to the families that supported the Churches. Pray for this to happen because the chaos is overwhelming, like waves in the ocean. This is why the one, holy Catholic Church is called a boat. When things get bad enough, we won’t mock it or rock it, because our lives depend on it. Anyone else is better off drowned.

This article began as a comment below a video, but I didn’t want to provoke an army of youtube trolls who would try to criticize and associate Catholics with every vice that Catholics prohibit yet Jews and “liberals” actively promote as normal.

The title is: “Most Will Lose Everything”. Excuse me, but most of us already have lost everything except our minds. The only thing left to be lost is what is hoarded by the wanta-be ‘one percenters’. What a stupid selfish goal to have, to be a ‘one percenter’, but such is the matrix of Satanic lies under which we slowly die unless we get smart.

The problem with obtaining wealth and power through theft and cheating is that you can’t cheat the laws of nature. Those who steal and cheat and murder and censor for political and financial control are the untempered mortar that crumbles with time. Those who allow criminals to escape justice will find themselves victimized by criminals.

Balance will be achieved one way or the other, whether we believe in God or not. As for me and my house, we choose to follow God’s laws. If a few people would stop competing with each other to deprive the rest of us, then there would be plenty to go around. All of you wanta-be philanthropists who promise to “do good” with your hoardings, nobody wants your “charity”.

A few people are creating great misery and spreading lies that will lead to more misery. I’m not interested in quibbling over a name for them. Am I the only person who is thoroughly sick of these 10-faced snakes? Am I the only one praying for justice? Who has not been a victim at this point? There are plenty of people who feel the way I do.

God’s economy was actually embodied in feudalism, the real feudalism, not the slanderous myth. It’s a shame how our language has been destroyed, and how much this weakens us.

Under feudalism the people were inseparable from the land. The land could not be sold from under them. Only surplus could be sold to foreigners and taxes were only collected on those surplus sales. Taxes were collected in the form of surplus, not cash. Military service and essential public works counted as your tax contribution. The towns were run as a family business and the business leaders were subject to the Church. There is everything right about this, yet so-called educated people continue to use the term feudalism as if it’s equivalent to slavery, which is actually what we are in NOW.

Christ, as Julius Ceasar, established feudalism when he awarded border territory to his soldiers. If this basic economic fact remains hidden, if this system is abandoned, we are doomed. But it’s the capture of our minds and learning that makes us reject an obviously good solution and acquiesce silently to our own destruction, even assisting with it. Do you claim to be “not a conspiracy theorist”? Then you’re a coward and I hate cowards. Ignoring me or any truth teller won’t make the truth go away. The lessons must be learned and God has given us limited time.

John F. Kennedy made a huge mistake when he apologized for his religion and promised to not let it get in the way of his Presidency. That was a fatal thing to say. Rather he should have been proud of having good, moral instruction growing up. There’s either Catholic or Pirate. Period. If you’re not defending a strong central holy church, then you’re supporting piracy. This seems to be a law of nature: “If you are lukewarm I will spit you out.”

John F. Kennedy and his family appear to have lost God’s protection when he failed to stand up publicly in defense of the high moral value of the One True Church. America still suffers from that error, but we have the power to fix things. God never leaves us powerless.

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