Where Are The Courageous?

In Brazil, sanity tries to return to government, thanks to one man who refuses to be a coward.

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Bolsonaro: Army to Go After Covid-19 “Cowards”

Published 24 April 2021 Boletines

Bolsonaro has the courage to use the military to prohibit quarantines, curfews, and movement restrictions, rightly calling these “signs of cowardice”. Meanwhile, the rest of the world has no protection from dictatorial governors, mayors and brainwashed hoardes of mask-nazis. Bolsonaro makes proper use of the military to protect the rights of the citizens who pay for that military.

“Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro on Saturday said he is willing to deploy the army on the streets if governors and mayors continue to enforce quarantines confinements and curfews.

“If I decree it, it will be enforced. Our Armed Forces can go to the streets to enforce the fifth article of the constitution on freedom of movement in the national territory in times of peace,” Bolsonaro said.

“The president called the measures restricting movement and economic activities as “cowardly and absurd” and added that they would only generate chaos due to hunger.”

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