Censored But True: Melinda Gates is Actually My Sister And She’s Dating Jerry

I believe that since everyone on earth is being affected by the same people who have tried to destroy my life, then everyone should know who is who in the drama.

Since I’m blocked from editing, I can’t correct the spelling below: it should read “spoon fed”.

I’m blocked from editing my articles now. It’s because Melinda Gates, the recent one, is my sister Bridget. Bill Gates may be her husband, Leslie aka Yo Bergeron. I haven’t seen or spoken to either of them in 10 years or
more because they are openly hostile and disrespectful to me. That’s putting it mildly. I know that my father was poisoned because I watched it happen but couldn’t get my father or anyone to believe me. Yo actually spoin fed my father and wouldn’t let me enter the room. I had to watch through a crack in the door. My father was convincedthat I was the dangerous one. Also, they subscribe to the religion that states: If I can get away with it, it’s okay to do it. As I remember Yo, he looks like the Australian scammer called Hamish who I’ve written about.

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