Where is Edmond’s Money?

I have a question for all the professional liars out there, and for one professional liar in particular: What happens when someone that you trust lies to you? Perhaps you end up in poverty like the rest of us who are systematically lied to and robbed by you and your in-group. Perhaps all of you will become the new in-jail-group, only God knows how far things have to go until liars learn lessons.

The truth is that much, much suffering has been created by these lies.

Is it possible to create prosperity based on stolen property? And when the stolen property is also blood money? “Generational wealth”
is a term they love to use as a euphemism for their greed. These people have stolen the generational wealth from others and expect to base their own generational wealth on this blood money?

Manchurian candidate, an orphan mis-educated by tax funded secret agencies.
Manchurian candidate to promote the self destruction and enslavement of all humanity. Also utilized to normalize secret agency immorality. He has so many identities, he often interviews himself and even multiplies himself on several screens at once, as different people.
This photo shows the same person, under yet another false identity, in the palace stolen from the Romanov Christians from St.Petersburg. However, he doesn’t realize that he himself is a member of the sane tribe as the Romanov family as he works diligently to bring down the few remaining members of his own tribe. This Ghetty photo is captioned: CORRECTION – A picture taken on November 21, 2009 shows then Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin (front) and Russian cellist Sergei Roldugin, artistic director of the St. Petersburg House of Music, visiting the house, formerly a palace owned by Grand Duke Alexei Romanov, in St. Petersburg. A Russian cellist who stays out of politics, Sergei Roldugin has called his friend Vladimir Putin a de-facto “brother”. Now the “Panama Papers” leak, analysed by Russian journalists, puts him at the top of an offshore empire worth more than $2 billion that has made Putin’s circle fabulously wealthy. / AFP PHOTO / Sputnik / DMITRY ASTAKHOV / The erroneous mention appearing in the metadata of this photo by DMITRY ASTAKHOV has been modified in AFP systems in the following manner: [then Russia’s President Vladimir Putin] instead of [then Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin]. Please immediately remove the erroneous mention from all your online services and delete it from your servers. If you have been authorized by AFP to distribute it to third parties, please ensure that the same actions are carried out by them. Failure to promptly comply with these instructions will entail liability on your part for any continued or post notification usage. Therefore we thank you very much for all your attention and prompt action. We are sorry for the inconvenience this notification may cause and remain at your disposal for any further information you may require.DMITRY ASTAKHOV/AFP/Getty Images
A Khodorovsky was recently added to the US Dept. of Treasury sanctions list. This Khodorovsky shown above is the member of the Russian Kosher Nostra who the Manchurian Candidate Putin let out of prison. He is shown here with the same woman who is called Lyudmila Putina.
Lyudmila Putina with the two Putins.
Using their British identities, the wife of Putin (heavily photoshopped image) with two important leaders of the Muslim military. This photo is heavily photoshopped. The man on the leftis General Solemani head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.
A member of theManchurian Candidate’s harem. Like the rest of the harem, her job is to keep the Manchurian Candidate within the lines.
General Soleimani, responsible for the death and dismemberment of too many American soldiers.

General Soleimani isresponsible for the death and dismemberment of too many American soldiers. So you can see where all the lies and false identities lead: Caskets of good people now dead and lots of missing limbs. Who owns the replacement limb factory?

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