Miami Surfside Building Collapse

The building collapse in Miami at an upscale condominium building on the beach is suspicious. This condo building collapse is immediately being used as a reason to demand Federal Emergency Funding, in a familiar pattern of stealing our money. We are also warned by politicians that, because of this suspicious collapse, the government will take more control over this type of building.

Judging by the video, there would not have been any survivors because the place was dustified. The rubble of an actual collapse would have made a mound but there Is no mound. The collapse began at the ground.

I say suspicious collapse because a video of the collapse shows the kind of dustification implosion also seen at the 911 Twin Towers Event and at another building demolished in Miami which made the news because someone was killed and also because the application for demolition by implosion was denied, but done anyway, with a mere $12,000 fine. The Miami Herald has a video of that event in 2019:

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