Is This My Brother In Law?

He calls himself Yo, but supposedly his real name is Leslie Bergeron. He married my sister Bridget and I haven’t heard anything about a divorce. I can never be absolutely certain, considering that I’ve avoided my sister and brother in law ever since I first met Yo. He was never known to me as Lenny Lemoine. It was obvious to me that I was surrounded by enemies and outnumbered by far. His brother, calling himself Chester Bergeron married Robin Rich who is the daughter of Carolyn Rich (Brigitte Macron) who married my father. They made off with everything and slandered me to make me lose credibility. I tried warning my father and mother but because there were so many people lying about me, the lies became my reputation. It’s been a long, long injustice.

The use of so many false identities is certainly very suspicious. These people make one hate life, so I have always kept a distance from them.

The Lemoine Company is a large construction operation.

The other notable is that the person that I call Jerry, could be someone I knew briefly as this man Lenny’s brother. Jerry is now my brother-in-law, or soon to be. Two brothers in law from the same family, if I’m correct about this. As you can see, my calls for help have been ignored by everyone of these powerful people who are my relatives. Why is that?

The photo and bio are from the Lemoine Company website. The video confirms to me that this man is very much like Yo in every way.

“Serving as Chief Executive Officer of the organization since 2001, Mr. Lemoine is the flag bearer for the Company’s focus on excellence, innovation and advanced delivery models to meet the dynamically shifting needs of today’s construction consumers. He began working for the family company in 1975 at the age of 20, serving as Cottonport Lumber Company’s Administrative and Financial Manager. Mr. Lemoine then played a vital role in transitioning Cottonport Lumber Company into The Lemoine Company, serving as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for 18 years. In his current role as President, Lenny continues to lead and expand the organization, overseeing the construction of some of the Gulf Region’s most recognizable structures.

Mr. Lemoine attended Louisiana State University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business. He was named Acadian Business’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013 by The Independent. He is affiliated with numerous professional and nonprofit organizations including: Louisiana Association Board of Industry Board of Directors, Associated Builders and Contractors National and Pelican Chapter Board of Directors, and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Foundation Board. He serves as Chairman of the Lafayette Central Park Board of Directors, a non‐profit organization that is overseeing the transformation of the “Horse Farm” into a premier public park. Mr. Lemoine was part of Louisiana State University Flores MBA Program Distinguished Speaker Series and a former headline speaker for the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities.

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