Vaccinated Zombies in Scripture

After reading this report linked also in the previous article entitled “Prions”:

and other research, I am understanding certain passages in Scripture that puzzled me.

When cultured cells of a human fetus are injected inside the body, I see in my mind’s eye that the cells of the fetus could continue to grow by replication inside of the vaccinated. Thus, the body would not decompose, but would continue to live. The worms that normally eat a corpse would never run out of food. Death will be sought, but not found. This is described in Scripture.

Also, the symptoms that are described in the report on Prion diseases ( are precisely those of the typical movie zombie.

People are having warning dreams. One woman reported visions of living people with worms coming out of their bodies. This is a logical consequence of injecting fetal cels thay replicate into your body. Here’s another example of a warning dream:

Back to the Lemoine Company:

This is Miguel Ramirez when he was young, but this photo was taken from the Lemoine Company website this week. He would be around 60 now. Miguel Ramirez was the owner of Grupo Saret in Costa Rica when I worked there years ago. He was also in Tampa, Fl working sales for a tv station when I was married to Randy Whatley/Bibi Netanyahu in the 1980’s. They knew each other.

It appears that the Lemoine Company has the same owners as Grupo Saret. Another photo from the Lemoine Company website is this one, who looks like Kearny Louviere/Boris Yeltsin/Allen Klein, Xi Xinping, etc.

There are several other familiar faces with the Lemoine Company, but these are two that I have seen in person. If my memory is correct, the man named Kearny was briefly married to Linda, Jerry’s mother, after her husband (JFK) died. Kearny was violent with her and I even saw blood on a wall one morning after some ordeal the night before. It’s possible that there was no car accident.

My housekeeper in Costa Rica looked exactly like Yo’s mother in the 1980’s. Apparently they all are native Spanish speakers with several identities.

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