Prion Bio-Weapon in the Vaccination Mandate

A full explanation linked below, with slides, shows exactly how deadly prions are created by our own cells after a vaccination. Spongification of the brain results, commonly known as Mad Cow Disease. This is a prion disease. Both medical doctor and attorney, Dr. Richard Fleming, understands the urgency of stopping this vaccine madness as he works to bring the criminals to justice. An international criminal … Continue reading Prion Bio-Weapon in the Vaccination Mandate

But First The Lost Son Must Stop Supporting the Wicked

When children choose sides for a team, they pick the most capable and talented ones first, and at the end they accept what’s left over. No one is rejected. When adults choose team mates, in my experience, the definition of talented and capable gets quite distorted, and so some capable and talented people are rejected by both sides. It all depends if one is a … Continue reading But First The Lost Son Must Stop Supporting the Wicked

D is for Daisy the BLM Founder

I do not recommend watching any of the following videos, but in order to demonstrate the multiple identities of a woman that has wreaked havoc on many lives, I’m forced to post these links. I haven’t watched any of them entirely, just long enough to decide whether this is the same person and to take note of jewelry, backgrounds, voice, companions and mannerisms. Here is … Continue reading D is for Daisy the BLM Founder

Detecting Buried Human Bodies Using Ground-Penetrating Radar

The full report on GPR, Ground Penetrating Radar is found here: “Besides objects of metallic nature, buried bodies and remains are also a source of investigation for GPR techniques (Mollina et. al., 2016). Diamanti and Gianakis (2016) attempted to identify a way of GPR data usage for finding victims buried in rock fall or building collapse debris. In a similar study, Widodo et. al., (2016) utilized … Continue reading Detecting Buried Human Bodies Using Ground-Penetrating Radar

Vaccine Content Analysis

I found a scientist here: who rightfully claims that nano particles in the vaccines are not contagious. However, the use of cultured human fetal cells in vaccines can create contagious prion diseases. Here is important new information about vaccine contents, specifically what kind of metallic nano particles are we injected with. The answer is graphene, explained here: My conclusion after studying the CDC … Continue reading Vaccine Content Analysis


Where did I see blood streaked on the wall? It was not the garlic house, but a mobile home that had very recently been moved onto another lot on Main Street where afterwards a carwash once stood for many years. This was the only carwash in Loreauville, when car washes were a new thing. The carwash was removed but the slab still remains today. Here’s … Continue reading Where?