Vaccine Content Analysis

I found a scientist here:

who rightfully claims that nano particles in the vaccines are not contagious. However, the use of cultured human fetal cells in vaccines can create contagious prion diseases.

Here is important new information about vaccine contents, specifically what kind of metallic nano particles are we injected with. The answer is graphene, explained here:

My conclusion after studying the CDC publication on Prion diseases, is that the contagious aspect has to do with the use of cultured human fetal cells in the vaccine. The body then reacts as if this were cannibalism which results in prions which the scientific literature says is transferable to other humans and is also inherited. Prion diseases include Kuru, which has symptoms such as laughing inappropriately, and falling over with eventual inability to walk. Furthermore, there is evidence that cultured fetal cells could continue to grow and move inside the vaccinated person. Why wouldn’t they continue to grow? Let’s look into this. Here’s something that caught my attention:

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