What I Question About My Own Account

About my own account, this might be wrong: Perhaps I assumed that Kearney was married to Linda because I saw him in that mobile home. Maybe my memory of him there was the same day as my memory of him being angry, and a memory of whispering people and seeing blood smeared on the wall. I still see that clearly. It occurs to me that he was a friend or relative of the baby sitter who brought me there, probably Lena Trahan. Looking back on it, the fact that I remember a babysitter, and not my mother there with me, is now significant.

Also, the location of the bones buried under a floor of a house in Mexico is actually a suburb of Mexico. I was wondering what the process of uncovering would look like. Here it is without commentary:

Looking back on it, Kearney being a family relative of Linda seems more in line with the obituary. He could be an illegitimate child even, perhaps with the mother’s last name, as a possibility. that possibility fits. I remember him in a convertible, with slick black hair, just like this:

This is identified as Allen Klein on Wikipedia and other sources. This is Kearney around 1964.

I picked up hints from being around Anita, Lena’s younger sister. They were the children of Felix. I’ll eventually point these people out on old films and TV shows, etc. Felix was one of the Three Stooges. He looked like it and it was talked about amongst children.

Suspicious reporting of events around the Mexican sub-floor burial site caught my eye. The most recent victim was the wife of the Police Commissioner, in a strange story that made little sense. These details are not translated in the linked report in English, but the wife was “desquartizado” by the same man that he himself (the Commissioner) hired to drive his (the Commissioner’s) wife to a wholesaler in the city. Hmmm. Would that drive take place before or after the butchering, and if the answer is “after”, then who’s eating it? What are they doing with the identification documents of the dead and how long has this been going on? Indications are that it’s a multi-generational operation.

On the subject of uncovering burial sites, here’s a recent report from India that I find suspicious, perhaps only in the translation. The film shows many bodies recently buried and now uncovered. Narration is that poor families buried their Covid-19 dead here next to the Ganges River. Was that burial before or after taking a vaccine I wonder. The Ganges water is washing the dirt away. There are no burial coverings, neither coffin, blanket or body bag. Just clothing that still looks fairly fresh. What’s this really all about?

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