D is for Daisy the BLM Founder

I do not recommend watching any of the following videos, but in order to demonstrate the multiple identities of a woman that has wreaked havoc on many lives, I’m forced to post these links. I haven’t watched any of them entirely, just long enough to decide whether this is the same person and to take note of jewelry, backgrounds, voice, companions and mannerisms.

Here is my summary: She admits she was a prostitute for ten years, which is a deal with the devil when you think about it. To promote her to high honor is a slap in the face of every honest woman out there. It makes the rest of us look and feel like fools. However, I’d rather be a fool than a fat, loud-mouthed, thieving, murdering ex-prostitute any day.

I’ve found her promoting Witchcraft as a trendy profit-making enterprise. Many people claim that the spells and curses actually affect the target. However, the curse can only enter the magnetic field of the target if the target is in an arrogant and prideful vibrational channel. This explains why the ancient Catholic Church doctrine is so focused on developing humility and patience. This is what Jesus was demonstrating on the cross. It’s a magnetic-vibrational war. Her enterprise tramples on the Catholic Church, Christianity, and the White Race. She says, as the “Professional High Priestess”, that Trump supporters deserve to burn in hell, though that is not linked here, it’s on her channel.

One video linked below is a group of Tarot readers who earn their livings on social media platforms, and they point out evidence that she is now in Federal custody as an informant. They furthermore claim that she is a murderer and child trafficker and that she is taking Federal agents to mass gravesites that she knows about. We are not told the source of this information about the grave sites. How do they know what she’s doing?

These youtube Tarot readers are very, very angry with her for several reasons. They all admit to being part of the “social justice” community but they don’t mention the obvious BLM. They call her Daisy. They are angry because she has been copying their youtube content and twisting it to for her own channel, The Professional High Priestess. I have also noticed this happening with some of my own material that has nothing to do with Tarot. It looks like she’s running a business of content rip-off combined with de-platforming the person being plagiarized. These people are victimized by her plagiarism but mostly they are angry that she has revealed their names and addresses on some informant list for “the Feds”. Of course there is no informing the rest of us as to how they know it was her and not someone else looking at public information based on IP addresses.

As “The Professional HighPriestess”,
she speaks of the “karmic”, which is like saying “the bad guy” but she doesn’t understand that she herself is the Karmic. The result is that she totally gives herself away in her readings. I wonder if her deceased husband, John Mcafee knew that his wife had a wife and businesses on the side.

Another video linked below gives you tours of the millions of dollars in homes that she’s purchased since founding BLM.

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