The Carwash

Book of Lamentations 2:18…”Their heart cried unto the Lord, O wall of the daughter of Zion, let your tears run down like a river day and night: give thyself no rest; let not the Apple of thine eye cease.”

Book of Joshua, at 5:13 when Joshua is heading out to battle and comes across a warrior. Joshua asks, “Art thou for us or against us?”

The reply is, “I am Captain of the Lord’s host”.

So if Joshua wants to win, he must be a firm ally of the Lord’s Host. This gives Joshua all the advantage he needs.

I keep thinking of the sad memory I’ve had to relate. I’ve been grieving over it.

A very bloody mess in a mobile home, and the people around me are dealing with it. One of them is my babysitter who is thinking that I’m too young to understand because I haven’t seen the bloody mess, except for that one blood swipe on the living room wall. It was just a fight that Kearney and Linda had, is what they told me,

Putting myself in their place, I can imagine the murderer and his people cutting a hole in the floor, digging up the ground and then dropping everything down into the hole. In fact, I do remember finding it odd that they were changing carpet in this new mobile home not long after the day of the bloody wall. I remember that detail about the work being done in the bedroom, but I never went past the living room to actually see it. I remember the activity taking place around me when I was there. I can bring myself back there mentally. Anyone would remember such a scary event, no matter how long ago.

It seems that Linda and Dale had been living in the town of Scott and had recently moved to Loreauville, Linda’s hometown. Dale must have been from Scott. Part of the Ducrest family possibly, and a member of the Sam Houston family. There’s a movie called “The Last Time I Saw Paris” that gives some background of a man whose wife passed away in Paris and he moved to Texas. Elizabeth Taylor in that movie is my mother when she was very young. The man’s daughter could be the mother of Dale, but it’s a complicated story for another time. The point is that Lyndon B. Johnson was probably a relative from a branch of Dale’s family that did nothing but shady deals in government. Sam Houston was not corrupt but after Sam Houston’s death it seems his widow remarried and this is the shady branch, so to speak. However, even though Lyndon B. Johnson was part of that shady Texas group, he always came up clean in court. Dale’s decision to ally himself with Johnson created a rift in his organization, according to the research I’ve done, but it’s a big subject that requires facial analysis and comparisons to the Louviere family members.

I can’t help but conclude that Jerry’s legs were not broken in a car accident. His legs must have been broken the night his parents were killed. The description of Sam Cook’s murder can be consulted if you want details, but the weapon was a hammer. I didn’t see Jerry in that mobile home. Wherever he was, the car accident was probably a cover story. I’m certain that many people were suspicious but couldn’t figure it out.

My grandmother Nita started reading two murder mysteries a week at that time. My job was to pick them up at the library for her. Naturally I read them too, so that’s why this particular murder mystery gives me to ponder exactly how and where the bodies were buried.

My mind’s eye sees the bodies under the slab of cement that was the carwash. Looking at it from the street, they would be buried on the left hand corner towards the front of the lot, around the midpoint of the slab, because that’s where the bedroom was.

Ezekiel 19 applies here: “”But she was plucked up in fury, she was cast down to the ground and the east wind dried up her fruit…and now she is planted in a dry and thirsty ground…this is a lamentation and shall be for a lamentation.”

The dryness under a cement slab might preserve the bodies.

What is a patsy? Strong’s word #6360 PTS, signifies a hammer, or to hammer out.

Kearney’s convertible car I remember because before Kearney had it, my Dad drove it home one night and my Mom was so excited thinking it was ours. He parked it under the carport so he must have switched cars with the owner. He said, no it wasn’t ours, he actually said it was Dale’s car. They whispered the rest or switched to French. Now I know what he said because I can see the car on an episode of Dean Martin that is really funny. In the skit they are sitting in the convertible at a gas station. They have just robbed a bank and they have run out of gas and Dale is the gas station attendant. It’s one of the best skits, mainly because Dale is hilarious. The same kind of car is seen on the music video for the movie “Carwash”. Ponder that.

These people think that a bloody murder is something to laugh at. They mock their victims in public, even those who are already long dead. They have also been stupid enough to mock a witness.

Speaking of dead people, the daughter of Al Capone, Royce Breaux’s obituary appeared in the Daily Iberian this week. Comforting to know.

I can’t post links right now because my data is used up until the next billing cycle.

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