But First The Lost Son Must Stop Supporting the Wicked

When children choose sides for a team, they pick the most capable and talented ones first, and at the end they accept what’s left over. No one is rejected. When adults choose team mates, in my experience, the definition of talented and capable gets quite distorted, and so some capable and talented people are rejected by both sides. It all depends if one is a capable liar, thief and practitioner of witchcraft, or not.

Now this isn’t to complain. I can’t imagine lying for a living. Besides, I’ve never had a non-CIA supervisor, so filling out employment applications or seeking a professional reference is out of the question. What I offer my children is a truth for which they cannot find support in their daily lives. This is a disadvantage to offer my children. By the time they approach the age of 30, they are ready to discuss the reality of being targeted, but not before. By that time though, most of the damage to their careers has already been accomplished.

We pray for God’s mercy at this point.

However, the children of professional witches are amply funded and supported I see.

So forgive me for asking, but please consider donating to:



So far, I haven’t asked for donations because I had enough to get by. However, I’m about to run out of money, I don’t even have a car and I live in a very rural location. That’s not to mention that I’m rather too old to go out job hunting. Although it’s a pleasant fantasy to imagine that anyone would want me on their team at this point, the fact is that I’m a total reject, and that’s probably to my credit. The people who own all the businesses at this point do not call me friend…😎

The Corner Stone

The distortion is now so great that the rejected non-liars are targeted for death. The word “death” is symbolic in this case.  For example, if someone cries out for help and others who are capable of helping refuse to help, and also ignore the call, then the person who needs help might as well be dead.

If there’s no feedback, no acknowledgement, no recognition and when more pain is loaded upon the suffering, then 3-D life itself becomes death.  A spiritual life opens up within this isolation. It’s called Ascension by many who go through the experience.

Brutally speaking, those who turn their backs on others who need them actually are murderers. Even though the victim walks, he or she is nothing more than the walking dead. Then add the virtual death of the victim’s children who are targeted by police, drug pushers and rapists and those children grow up and their children are targeted by police, drug pushers and rapists, but they don’t understand why or even believe in God because the public schools push atheism and there are no affordable Catholic schools, well that’s my living death, buried alive.

We know the solution.  We pray and we know that God is for us, but when children are also victimized it kills us, and the wicked know it. One person telling the truth could save our children, my children, but because we are just white people, because we aren’t anyone’s Official Government-Sanctioned Victim, because we are not among the professional liars, we don’t easily garner sympathy.  There is only God’s mercy remaining.  

This well-funded prostitute named Daisy, Janice Mcafee, The Professional High Priestess, felon, thief, Satanic Practitioner who rises to the pinnacle of worldly success along with her progeny and in-group. Who can compete with this? I’m sure many try, but I would avoid them as if they were contagious. More about Stock market manipulation at https://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/board.aspx?board_id=18154

Those who take refuge in lies, those who turn their backs on people who need help, may soon find themselves rejected by everyone, isolated and alone.

That’s not what God wants though. What God wants is for us to help each other. Otherwise, the wicked gain power and the destruction is total.

Why not join forces to fight the murderers? The reason is mainly fear of loosing money. That’s a trick though. God will test us this way, but in the end, God chooses his team wisely and the chosen will have God’s mercy and it will arrive in the form of money for those who need money, health for those who need health and a helpmate for those who need a helpmate.  I need all three! My readers, you are all my helpmates, and I thank you.

So I’m putting out a call for donations at this point, and the reasons are several. The next video talks about a very difficult subject, which is the fact of real, physical effects of wicked spells cast upon you by others. Magnetic energy is real, and so our thoughts do affect others. This is an essential Christian teaching. It’s impossible to avoid this subject and also understand world events, considering the powerful role that Daisy aka Professional High Priestess aka Janice McAffee aka BLM founder, etc. has played in all of our lives.

There is great significance in the “etc.” of her many identities, because by her marriage she is also the hidden First Lady of a large Christian nation made up of the very race and religion of people that she hates and seeks to destroy as BLM founder. Her power is derived from her marriage to a seemingly powerful white man. But who set her up to meet him in the first place? This is the heart of the matter. Has she supported her husband in any way? On the contrary, her goal was to destroy him once her power was consolidated. Such are Satanic ways. I have much more to say on this subject, but first consider the testimony of this young lady:

It takes great courage to talk about being a target of witchcraft. I’m ready to admit that the physical effects are very real, and this affects one’s ability to earn a living, relate to others and feel healthy. Forget ever running for public office. My experience corresponds closely to what she describes here, though I’ve never had real scratches and bruises. The feeling of being pressed down by a heavy weight, total draining of energy, feeling of having a noose around my neck so that I can’t breathe or turn my head easily and constant inexplicable pain is definitely what I’ve experienced for years now. This is in addition to the inevitable slander and chasing away of potential friends, employers and family.

It’s all very real. My first experience of being poisoned was by my own sister (aka the recent Melinda Gates character and Crypto Eri) and so you know why I spend so much time studying the subject of poisons. No one would believe this unless by chance you were also poisoned by her and there’s your proof, too late to save you. And yes, entire races, religions and nations can be affected, it’s plain to see that we are dealing with mega-delusional want-to-be World Dictators who are also incompetent for the job.

This next Scripture study video is important because it goes into end time events leading up to the appearance of the Messiah. Before the Savior appears, the Lost Man must be revealed. What I call the Lost Man is called The Man of Perdition, (from the word perder, meaning ‘to lose something or to be lost) also called The Lawless One in Holy Scripture, exactly like a certain person person that I’ve written about recently who would not have been Lawless if he hadn’t first been Lost. Forgiveness is the key to success.

Any small donation at this time is greatly appreciated. The money will be used to pay for food, and also for a medical device which uses infra red light and heat for deep treatment of pain.

With voluntary financial support I’ll also be able to focus more attention on truth-revealing content and expand into videos and podcasts without putting up a paywall. Thanks.


Love and Light.

This is the device I’m trying to pay for, which is more important to me than having a car at the moment because the pain is intense. The good Lord led me to this device, I’m certain because it is effective. The technology was developed by NASA with our tax money, but like all the research that we pay for publicly, private companies reap the rewards. So it’s expensive. I don’t get any commission or reward for recommending this, but it works.

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