Prion Bio-Weapon in the Vaccination Mandate

A full explanation linked below, with slides, shows exactly how deadly prions are created by our own cells after a vaccination. Spongification of the brain results, commonly known as Mad Cow Disease. This is a prion disease.

Both medical doctor and attorney, Dr. Richard Fleming, understands the urgency of stopping this vaccine madness as he works to bring the criminals to justice. An international criminal court will judge one aspect of the case, he says. How has one court of law escaped the overall corruption, and will it judge fairly, and who will make arrests and perform executions, I don’t know yet.

He describes every role involved in the promotion of untested coerced mass injections. How many people involved know that vaccinations lead to hereditary and contagious prion diseases? Is this a big team of Haters? It’s a crime beyond comprehension, but how many people involved were only thinking of how much money they were gaining as a result, a big market manipulation? How many were also joyful at the idea of eliminating competition? Which racial and religious groups are targeted? Only God knows the answers perhaps, but it’s God’s justice that is most fearful.

Dr. Fleming provides crucial details of both the medical and legal aspects of this nightmare. Dr. Fleming also prescribes simple, inexpensive cures with dosages for you to show your doctor, in case you’ve already been vaccinated.

Mental deterioration from prions is a gradual process, but the doctor says that it can be treated and cured with the medicines listed in the video. I hear that the U S Military is pressuring servicemen to take the vaccine , so some will not re-enlist.

Take note of behavioral changes in the vaccinated, especially in potentially dangerous work situations. One incident that I’ve heard about is a co-worker talking incessantly about irrelevant events. These are people who never had this behavior before.

I’ve seen extreme cases of this incessantly talking in the homeless, some of whom I suspect to be victims of identity theft. Some homeless have characteristics of people whose wealth is possibly being spent by thieves who watch the true identity person mindlessly digging in the garbage for aluminum cans. So perhaps this “vaccination” actually has been studied for a long time, as Dr. Fleming also notes.

Dr. Richard Fleming’s important report is here on Rumble:

Use the link above, this is a screen shot.

And one more thing…how strange that I accidentally captured Daisy/BLM founder ‘Cullors’/ Janet Dyson aka Professional High Priestess in a scenic photo that I took this week in high rent Waikiki, Hawaii. I’m surprised that her social justice warriors aren’t burning down Honolulu. So many of them. Maybe it’s a wedding. Maybe they all own multi-million dollar condos at Waikiki because, Black Lives Matter. As for conspicuous spending and overall obnoxious attention-seeking behavior, the group of clones around this woman reigns supreme.

But most importantly of all, I’m very touched by the kind words and donations. Thank you and God Bless you.

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