Danger at Waikiki

The “Black Lives Matter” organization is the most irritating hypocrisy I’ve ever seen. The founder and her large family live or maybe just vacation in splendor in Waikiki and spend more money in a day than I spend in 6 months. They wear the most expensive clothes and eat in expensive restaurants and literally stalk me every day, taking videos of me and my granddaughter. We are not public figures. No one has the right to photograph us.

Of course they’ll use our pictures in their satanic sorcery and spells. They’ll stick more pins in their voodoo dolls. They’ll kill a chicken or even a child to give it some electro-magnetic energy to destroy the lives of innocent people. They definitely want us dead. And this is what my grown children are also dealing with, only they don’t understand it the way I do. And why would they? Neither I nor anyone in my family has ever done anything to harm this spoiled and pampered widow of John Mcafee who rakes in millions by claiming to be the victim of WHITE PEOPLE.

The list of stupid things that Satanists do to destroy anyone that they are jealous of is long and not worth repeating. Satanic rituals give incompetent people a sense of importance. They don’t know how to create, only steal and destroy. They gang up, they surround us, they plot, they plan. For three weeks, wherever I go, there they are. The well dressed teenagers in her family group, all with expensive hairdos, talk within my hearing while looking straight at me, about “taking over America, setting up a monarchy and killing the natives”, and this is their idea of humor. It’s very chilling to hear such young people talking about these ideas. These people are also all over youtube, stealing content, appearing in almost every commercial and voice over and they are beyond creepy. At this point I can’t even listen to the voice overs that she does. I have to turn off the sound. Anyone who supports these people, I believe, shares the guilt.

They followed me to the zoo today and I had to take refuge with a security guard to keep them away from me. At the beach I stay close to the lifeguard station to keep safe from them.

The hate vibes and dirty looks are intense enough to make me feel that I should post this information publicly. I am definitely in danger, but so is my son and daughter. Especially my son who is surrounded by enemies with no way out, no one to help him, basically homeless. He is so talented, but gets ripped off by everyone who hires him. We have no one to turn to because our own relatives are living on our stolen inheritance. Yes, we are poor and powerless people on the earth, that’s the cold hard truth. But God defends people like us. God especially hates a haughty look and those who mock the poor. He does hear our prayers and he is now defending us. However, everyone has to die some day, so God’s will be done.

BLM has minions all over the place, and we are on their radar. So in case anything happens to any of us, I am here stating clearly and precisely that the most likely culprit at this time is this Janet Dyson/Patrice Cullors/Wife of John Mcafee whose multiple identities I exposed in a previous article. It’s true that corruption defines our courts today, but God holds the ultimate court that can’t be escaped. His punishments include nasty, painful diseases sometimes, depending on the nature of the offense.

If Mrs. McAffee would bother to air her grievances directly with me, rather than whisper behind my back, I would give her a plan that just might work. I would say to her, “How about just be grateful for the luxurious life that you’ve lived until now, spending money that you didn’t earn, given opportunities that were stolen from people like myself. Yes, I recognize you from a certain party in Lafayette where you were handed an art career that should have been mine. Yes, that was a party given by a woman whose last name is Trahan. She is a member of the same Trahan family that was there on the day of the bloody wall. The Trahan family that was dirt poor and living on charity then, now owns a car dealership. And this Trahan woman told me that I, and only I could not be in the photograph with all the other artists who were there. Mrs. Trahan told me to get out of the group photo, remember? But you, twenty years my junior, completely unknown as an artist, with no artwork produced, were welcomed and treated with high honor.

That’s when Mr. Elmore Morgan, a highly respected elderly artist, may he rest in peace, overheard Mrs. Trahan insult me and so he grabbed me firmly by the elbow and forced me to stand next to him in the photo. Mrs. Trahan didn’t dare oppose him. This is the kind of gentlemanly behavior that has almost completely disappeared thanks to “social justice warriors” like yourself who marry a man just to destroy him and spend his money, while you complain about your oppression and play the victim. I still was blacklisted and had to give up painting while your career as a professional troublemaker has been wildly successful, until now. So that should make you happy. Why then do you hate?

You have taken whatever you wanted and you haven’t had to earn it. Why are you not thankful?

And with that gratitude you could realize for a moment that your best bet would be to leave me and my family alone. Know when to stop because there’s much more that I can add to what I’ve already exposed. I don’t think that God likes what you are doing.”

Satanists conveniently forget that God has the power. Satan is only the one who tests us, nothing more. I think that God and Satan actually have a secret understanding.



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April’s mother, another victim, a real a victim, with real talent. Like I said before, there’s more of a connection here than one would think.

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