BLM and Identity Theft of White Entertainers

I thought I published this article a week ago, but apparently it failed to upload. I thought that this article was the reason Patrisse Cullors/Janice Mcaffee and her family were stalking me at Waikiki, but now I realize that she already knew who I was because the article didn’t publish. She was sending her children to stalk me for another reason, or several other reasons.

I’m certain now that the person pictured below must be the person that April/Nancy Sinatra didn’t want me to see in New Orleans one day because I was already getting angry about the runaround she was getting from the non-profit organizations that were supposed to be helping her. April was basically a slave to this black woman, and several other blacks in New Orleans. Particularly guilty is the man in whose home she died, who the police did not hold accountable, who I know was plying her with drugs. Anyone else in his position would have been charged.

I was seeing the non-profit scam going on and about to have a talk with them but April was very much afraid and assured me that it would make things worse. She begged me to stay out of it. I saw April do her grovelling act with them and their arrogance towards her was angering me. It’s possible that this Janet Dyson is the same woman who I saw through the door of a non-profit or government agency where I brought April one day as she was trying to get a place to live. It was a home converted into an office. I’m trying to locate it on google maps but can’t quite remember the street. I see the place clearly in my mind’s eye though, and I’d recognize it if I saw it again. She was looking back at me suspiciously through the door while I sat in my car waiting for April. I wish I knew the name of the organization, but unfortunately I didn’t take note. I’m sure it’s on record though, in April’s social service files.

I just found this very early film of Nancy Sinatra and wanted to share it.

This photo below could well be the woman who had April in such fear in New Orleans, but she was much thinner then. This is Janet Dyson/Daisy/Janice McAffee.

This is the woman who is called Pattrisse Cullors, BLM founder who is actually the widow of John Mcaffee. She caught my attention because she was looking at me from across the crowded beach. She was looking at me while talking on her phone and she did not look happy. After I started photographing them they scattered. I thought I’d have plenty of time to get photos but they were watching me much more closely than I expected.

Lots of other people were taking random photos of the crowd and scenery at Waikiki Beach. There was nothing unusual about me doing the same thing. She was part of a crowd of loud and arrogant people who kept coming into my space. Of all ages, they all resembled closely this same woman who was the subject of my last few articles, Janet Dyson. After expanding the photos of the crowd, I realized that I unintentionally caught her in a photo, above.

I notice that she substitutes her daughters for herself in interviews recently. This might actually be her daughter who has a close resemblance.

This was published about her:

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors has responded to criticism over her property empire saying it’s ‘categorically unfaithful’ and ‘extremely harmful’ to recommend she might have used any of the group’s funds to purchase her houses.

Cullors described the scrutiny over her $3 million empire of 4 houses as a ‘racist and sexist’ assault by the ‘right-wing media’ in an interview with Marc Lamont Hill for Black News Tonight on Thursday.

The 37-year-old, who arrange BLM with Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi again in 2013, broke down in tears as she revealed she has ‘spent the final week with safety’ after her houses have been first pictured within the media.  

Does her possession of 4 houses contradict her ideology as a ‘skilled Marxist’?” is the question asked by the black reporter.

Actually not, is my answer because Marxism is actually Thievism and so she is a skilled Marxist in that sense. Like all communists and Marxist leaders, she lives in high privilege and luxury because her own Black Life is all that Matters to her, it seems. I have been watching the money-spending of this group, and it’s quite a spectacle.

“This social justice warrior has at least 4 houses worth $3 million,which sparked questions as to the source of her earnings.”

“Black Lives Matter was given $90 million in donations in one 12 month period, but does not publish a full accounting of its spending. The group stated Cullors has been paid $120,000 since 2013.”

To understand the extent of her power, know that discussion of her houses has been banned on Twitter and Fb. Youtube ads are sometimes back to back productions featuring her and her large family.

“Twitter on Monday locked out a black sportswriter who questioned why Cullors was stacking up properties together with one in a principally white neighborhood. Fb this week additionally blocked customers from sharing a story that reported on the acquisition of the houses.”

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