Stolen Music and Psychic Helpers: Shannon Hensley

I wish that this person named Shannon Hensley allowed comments on her readings because she has been very helpful to me. I’d like to thank her. She is the one whose readings included a young child who witnessed something regarding a murder. She repeatedly brought up the key words carwash and hammer plus a other things that helped me make adult sense of my own vivid childhood memory of what I now understand to have been the aftermath of a murder.

I believe she is someone I met in New Orleans shortly after the Katrina event. This person told me that she knew and had worked with Janis Joplin and that she was certain that Janice Joplin did not die of an overdose of heroine nor did Janice Joplin even do heroine.

She speaks on her channel of having her own music stolen, her family attacked and of herself being imprisoned in her own home, and she too seeks justice. I certainly encourage donations to her channel and support for her work. You can listen to how talented she is here:

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