No Trespassing Sign is To Prevent Harassment By Government Slave Masters

Everyone that I’ve allowed onto my property in Hawaii has stolen from me or harassed me, so I don’t let anyone past my front gate, ever. That should be my right. I am very careful about who I allow into my presence.

Now I’m being stalked and harassed by a census taker. She will not leave me alone. She comes to my gate every day and leaves a letter that threatens me with jail or whatever the penalty is for desiring my own privacy on my own property. I am completely stressed out and traumatized by government workers and other thieves affiliated with the government bureaucracy. I seek to avoid them. And now they come knocking at our doors and leave threatening letters. They treat us all like their slaves.

So far government workers have tried to steal my house by stealing my property taxes in Lafayette, they’ve turned me into a fugitive for parking my car 12 inches past the yellow line in New Orleans, they killed my dear friend April by ganging up to keep her homeless, the penalty for not wearing a seat belt on private property in Ocean View is starvation with no driver’s license to get food. You can see what a criminal I am. How many others like myself are burdened with the pettiness of too many bureaucrats who don’t care if we live or die.

Now I’m being threatened for not allowing a total stranger onto my property to ask about what is none of her business. Is this actually her real name on the card below? A search for her name brings up zero results online. So she is allowed to use a false identity and I go to jail if I don’t give her my personal information? Who is she, where does she live? Would she give me her personal information and let me see her home and property while she’s alone at home? Why is the census even being taken when the borders are wide open for the world of haters with no identification papers to come and annihilate Americans? Is anyone threatening illegal border crossers for not filling out a census form?

I’m so disgusted with government arrogance. When I think of all the social workers, law enforcement, doctors and so-called grown men who all contributed to making April homeless so that they could take advantage of her, I get sick to my stomach. When I think of all the money, support, community respect and high honor these evil people get, I lose my enthusiasm for life.

These government workers, all combined, are guilty of murder. The ones who actively promote evil, the ones who throw money at these evil people, the ones who ignore the cries of their victims and especially the ones who think or say, “But they are so smart, and they have so much money, and you’re (me) just a loser”. But are government workers and non-profits ever held accountable for anything? Never. They can’t lose no matter how evil or incompetent. Isn’t it time for that to change?

Honestly, the sooner I’m out of this miserable life, the better. I’m not the only one who has noticed that there is no joy left. Since I’m stuck here, I would like to live amongst other losers like myself and never have to deal with anyone who is allowed multiple identities, multiple government pensions, and multiple opportunities to destroy the lives of others. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling that I’m better off dead than being a celibate slave who is treated like a dirty whore. The name I’ve been called by these “honorable” people who are so smart: Lose-Anne, instead of Suzanne…that’s called spellwork, and it’s not possible to erase the memory of such mockery. Even though I’ve tried to be friendly. I’m not interested in being friendly anymore. I just want to be left alone. And yes, I’m a loser. I don’t want to be a winner if winning means destroying someone else. I’d rather lose than be around the people called winners today.

One thought on “No Trespassing Sign is To Prevent Harassment By Government Slave Masters

  1. These satanists know that the Light of Christ is shining on all their wickedness even now… stay strong in the Spirit dear Sister. I will be praying for you. Turn your attention to Christ as often as possible and starve the beast. The Truth is at hand!


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