BLM a Witches Coven…

I’ve often wondered if some of my family members, whose funerals I attended, might actually be alive. April didn’t even have a funeral. I’ve seen photos of my father on advertisements about the homeless, pictured as a homeless person. I was so freaked out by it that I could not look at it. Like Shannon’s story in the video below, we understand that these are vicious mind games.

The person who allegedly retrieved April’s ashes, Jill Ottnott, died under suspicious circumstances in New Orleans. Her roommate, Fred, heard her screaming for help but didn’t help her and the police know this but Fred wasn’t charged. His name is Fred Robertson, in whose former home I met April and people such as Jack Fine, a former CEO of Murder Incorporated, according to what he himself told me. He is probably Jacob Shapiro. I wrote of him years ago. Jill Ottnott’s sister called me crying around December of last year because her entire family in New Orleans was dying around her. She lives across the street from members of the Russo family, who appeared briefly in my tale. I did not mention before that Jill was married to Reed Norvelle, who actually was David Rockefeller because I recognize the face and the horrible aura. I knew Reed through April, and she hated him thoroughly. I now know much more about the situation than I did then. Even then, I knew he was a wealthy banker in Los Angeles whi spent a lot of time in New Orleans and has relatives in Mississippi and Alabama.

I was working a one month job in Honolulu last month where I had a chance to study the homeless there. My intuition and their appearance and behavior tells me that many are victims of identity theft. The most likely targets are trust fund kids, wealthy widows and single children of deceased wealthy parents or those with life insurance policies.

When I mentioned this to someone who has lived there awhile and worked as an apartment manager, he assured me that he had come to the same conclusion.

He described how he has seen the crime play out. It’s almost exactly like a crime described in the final video posted at the end of this article.

As described by the property manager , a young caucasian adult gets an apartment in Honolulu, and for whatever reason has to move. A group of “locals” aka “Hates Whitey”, offers to help him move his belongings. After everything is loaded in the truck, they drug the young person, strip him of his clothing and leave him in a rural location, completely disoriented, naked, with no identification papers and no money. From that point the person is homeless. If this isn’t a hate crime, then what is?

This property manager also described the local people who are doing this: the fat, chunky, light skinned men who hang out at the beach. Their arms stick out from their chests they are so chunky. It’s easy to spot them. One of them was with Patrice Cullors and was also giving me the evil eye while he tried to hawk ratty surfboards to tourists. Another who looked just like him approached me one night on the beach and asked me if I smoke and drink, acting friendly but I wasn’t fooled. He told me that he’s local and his family is from the island of Kahoolawe. Imagine how many people might fall victim and end up drugged, with no memory, simply by responding to a friendly local on Waikiki Beach.

Now look at the people in Kensington, PA who have been drugged. Warning, these are very heartbreaking sights. This next video is just one recent day in Kensington. Notice the bent-over postures, sometimes with the neck extended forward in an exaggerated manner. I saw this neck issue in many homeless in Waikiki also. Why would a wealthy neighborhood like Waikiki not help with a solution, why tolerate this at the doorsteps of multi-million dollar beach front condos. Perhaps because some are victims of identity theft and they are being monitored by the people who are spending their money, much like I am being watched by the people spending my stolen inheritance, and April also was surrounded by the people who stole her identity.

Many of these look like suburban middle class kids. Did they have trust funds, homes, bank accounts? This homelessness epidemic may be the result of identity theft on a grand scale, grand enough to constitute a take-over of our nation, something the military should be involved in solving.

Social service files and bank records should be investigated, to verify what I’m seeing and experiencing myself. I can’t go into detail without invading the privacy of my children and grandchildren, but all of our lives have been turned into hell by the people who’ve stolen our inheritance. They want us all in jail because they own the jails. My sister works in the Lafayette Parish school system and has stalked my children and grandchildren in school. My children are creeped out by her.

We’re all realizing that my children’s father, (baby daddy) my ex-husband, is also living on our inheritance. He avoids his own children and is very friendly with Yo and Bridget, my brother-in-law and sister who plays the role of Melinda Gates. My children’s father also lives in a very expensive home, in New Iberia, that doesn’t correspond with his salary as a Fed Ex driver.

Now that the monster called BLM has been created, I’m feeling that I’ve been left to deal with this monster all alone. I’d love it if my family were in a witness protection program using a false identity, right about now.

I mentioned my experience of BLM founder, Patrice Cullors stalking us in Waikiki, to several grown men that I know. The response was not surprising. Both my violently crazy son-in-law in Hawaii and a frenemy who lives in New Orleans know her and made it clear that she is superior to me and that I should stop bothering her because she has so much money and she’s dangerous and I’m just a loser. I paraphrase.

The one from New Orleans already knew that she was part of April’s situation and that Patrice had received $5,000,000 of our tax money with which she purchased buses. It seems like just about everyone I know also knows her. I had no idea Patrice Cullors existed until I saw that she’s the widow of John McAfee and then saw her in Waikiki. Some of my acquaintances, especially the psychiatric case that I call son-in-law, seem to be part of her organization in some way, but no one is telling me anything. Someone looking exactly like my son in law has been photographed punching an old man in the face at an early Trump rally. That was around the time that he’d often leave for weekend jobs. He just spent last month in Boise, Idaho. I did a search on “Boise Idaho Black Lives Matter” and sure enough, found them active there. That’s another story involving a real estate buying invasion.

So what is the modern version of a molded image which we are not supposed to worship?

Patrice Cullors is a molded image that began with a prostitute and a felony conviction for theft. She was transformed, or molded with make-up, wigs and money into a celebrity and High Priestess of the professional sort. Never mind that other convicted felons are transformed into slaves due to their record, someone to take economic advantage of, though these felonies are for the most minor activities that have no victim and do not violate God’s law. Worship of this particular BLM FOUNDER FELON is widespread, though I’m sure she must have enemies somewhere.

Black Lives Matter is fundamentally a witches coven and that’s a fact. I’ll tell you why. They believe in the lie that they are all victims of racism and that all white people in the South lynched all black people in the south as a pastime, for what, 400 years or so, plus plenty other lies. Satan is the father of lies, therefore BLM is Satanism and functions as a witches coven with immense power to create chaos, lies, murder and destruction. Get mad all you want, but that’s just the fact of it, and they themselves are actually proud of this power, but would never admit it because they lie.

Watch Patrice Cullors talking in the next video about the business of murder at around 21:00 . What she is revealing is that funeral homes, and all the businesses that make a profit on burial, collude to create false flag violence between inner city gangs as a form of market manipulation to increase profits. In Chicago it was reported this week that 145 people were killed in black neighborhoods in an eleven hour period. She also mentions a murder scenario that sounds exactly like the death of her husband. It’s a vacation murder during which his house was wiped clean of his belongings, along with any trace of his former existence. In her scenario, the murderess is the wife who then runs off with another family member or friend, perhaps to a place like Waikiki where the insurance money is spent and fun is had by all.

What this woman says at the beginning of the video relates to my situation, though it’s not unique I’m sure. Follow this: The “baby daddy” of a “divine feminine” is being friendly with an ex girlfriend of a “divine masculine” and the two of them are conspiring to keep the two “divines” apart. Why would this be, other than the fact that a certain “two people” would uncover proof of theft of inheritances and other crimes, if they ever sat down to have a real conversation. As long as these two don’t speak to each other, the theft goes unpunished and undiscovered, they think.

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