Vaccine “side effects”: Is This Witchcraft?

I cannot help but notice that the symptoms described as vaccine side effects and acute radiation syndrome are also the symptoms reported by people who claim to be victims of witchcraft, which I personally do not dismiss. The science behind witchcraft is in the magnetic energy produced by large groups of people who make up a witches coven. Think about the size of government and the overwhelming number of government bureaucrats worldwide.

Consider the evidence available that witchcraft is practiced within government and also by top CEOs of major corporations. In witchcraft, the electro-magnetic force is produced by the terror of sacrificing a living being, (Child Protective Services sacrifice children daily, in a type of death called “foster homes”) plus the ritual involved in gang stalking and targeting of individuals by covens and government agencies. This creates low vibrational channels which transmit negative energy. Notice that the name Covid sounds like Coven.

It seems that the old Roman Catholicism, especially in it’s original form of the Latin mass, and emphasis on humility, had the role of counteracting this negative pagan practice. Protestants want to forget that Roman Catholicism is the church which was established or confirmed by Jesus Christ.

For this reason, people who practice Satanism (whether they realize it or not) violently oppose Catholics, and exhibit demonic traits when denouncing individual Roman Catholics. The magnetic energy of pride matches the magnetic energy of witchcraft “radiation”. Another example is that with tax dollar and government support, we have a large segment of the world’s population who believe in “Black Pride”, even though Holy Scripture warns that pride comes before a fall. Blacks should be warned that they are not exempt from God’s laws. We are all called to practice humility and gratitude. We are called to study and discern between truth and lies.

The following comment was posted under a related video by the same Spanish Doctor:

vrajavala, 1 day ago

“I think there is some hope. Check this out: Apparently, the Trump Administration put in infrastructure to counteract the intended effects of 5G and COVID on humans. This former US Navy specialist did a decode on COVFEFE. CO=Cobalt; V=Vanadium; FEFE-= 2 molecules of Iron. Perhaps you already knew about it.  Just thought I would forward it for your inspection.

Multiple Meanings of COVFEFE Iron-Cobalt-Vanadium Alloy. This alloy is a simple solution that can change the dangerous Huawei & Apple 5G into a healthy and healing Tesla wave system.

Essentially these are magnets which are being put into the 5G Towers to render it not harmful, because it works on cleaning on an ionic level, thus destroying the negative properties. The Chinese knew all along about the deadly aspects of what they were rolling out, and they knew about these magnets and how they would destroy their 5G, as Gene points out. This was included in a Congressional Bill in 2017“

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