Being stuck, no way forward, no way back, all of our fearless leaders assure us that things will get worse, much worse. We can trust them on this. Therefore this is the perfect time to watch the great Enrico Carusso in a silent movie called ”The Cousin”. You’ll see how this movie relates to my case, and maybe to yours also. This is a movie for those who’ve been falsely accused. Caruso plays an obscure sculptor whose cousin is a great opera singer. I love this movie.

Sorry this movie link is posted twice. I haven’t figured out the latest ”improvements” to WordPress.

We all know that Captain Jack Sparrow is in a court of law today. This Pirate is concerned about his reputation, and rightfully so. Now most Pirates are proud to be known as evil, but this one is different and there’s a reason why

This Pirate Captain was a Prince who had been kidnapped by the wicked Pirates who killed his family and took over their Ship of Church and State. It wasn’t until the mutiny of his pirate crew that he depended on an enemy ship to save him. Marooned on an unmapped island, he was rescued and recognized by a cousin from childhood who gave him proof of his true identity. Now the Pirate Captain Sparrow joined with the Catholic Cause, with faith in Almighty God, and together accomplished the miracle of arresting the mutineered pirate crew, destroying their networks, removing them from Catholic and Orthodox buildings and seizing all of their luxury yachts.

No longer were the Pirates able to steal internet content and other intellectual property while censoring the creators, or worse. No more would pirates make inferior copies of great original classics.

According to my narrative, this would end the Era of Stupidity.

I see that I have almost 500 subscribers. You may not realize it, but you’ve already seen childhood photos of Amber Heard, Whitney Heard, Dr. Hughes the psychiatrist, and Amber’s true father who has not appeared in court, to my knowledge. Let me explain a little.

Amber is the daughter of Larry Nichols. She’s called Lauren in the family photos as a young child. Her mother is Gizi in the wedding photos. In court Gizi is Dr. Hughes, Amber’s psychiatrist. She was also the actress Jane Curtin of Saturday Night Live. She and Amber resemble each other.

Amber’s sister Whitney appears to actually be her brother, identified in the family photos as Ryan. He is also Jon Benet Ramsey: early fraud training. He’s also shown here, around the time that he was my neighbor in Lafayette. I think he might be Kate Middleton, because Amber is definitely Megan Markle.

Larry Nichols is Bibi Netanyahu of course, but he also appears to be Sam Vaknin, author of the book, ”I, Psychopath”. He’s a YouTube personality, easy to find because he promotes his books, courses. The more I learn about him, the more I see that this is an evil man. He must be the person who trained Amber to be so abusive, but there is much more to say about that, next time. The trial begins in two minutes.

Sam Vaknin trains narcissistic abusers.

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