Screen Actors Guild Identities and Good Music

I’m not even attempting to give anyone an explanation of what’s going on with all the celebrities in court using their SAG identities, under oath, namely Amber Heard and Johnny Depp.

There are others using false identities also. I’m certain that, among other things, there are large investments at stake. No one else’s income would ever be considered when it comes to a court appearance. It’s blatant privilege, unless there’s some other reason.

For example, one upcoming venue being promoted is Katie Perry in a Las Vegas show with other performers advertised along with her. If it becomes proven and known by the people who planned to attend, that Amber Heard, Katie Perry and Megan Markle are the same person, then that show could be boycotted. Are the promoters and backers worried about that? One can only guess.

I’m wondering if this is Zelensky in New Orleans. I loved this band back then, about 10 years ago.

Mercury retrograde is the planetary alignment that brings back unfinished business from the past. In my case, seeing the witnesses in the Depp-Heard trial bring me back to a forgotten period in New Orleans. If I had to describe my situation there, in regards to the people around me, the same people who are testifying, I’d show the Tarot card called Five of Pentacles which means Out In The Cold. I’d rather forget about it.

What I’m seeing on the stand are people who were my neighbors and friends, friends of friends in the community, people who I saw on a regular basis over many years, some even guests in my house.

Everyone in my community it seems all signed a nondisclosure agreement at the same time. Suddenly no one was talking to me, everyone disappeared. I was the only person in my immediate environment who was shut out of getting a job in any creative field, especially music and film. My skills and background all tended toward a creative job in the field of communication and advertising, with potential for more. I kept adding more skills and training.

Whatever it was that blocked me out of an industry that hired everyone around me, I still don’t know what it is. Maybe just simple hate, maybe it was my first ”husband”, the Mossad agent now risen to the highest honor. Interesting how many of his immediate family are testifying. His daughter, son, wife I recently identified. The crazy Dr. Seigel looks like a relative called Fink and/or Finklestein, not sure about that yet. He might be the ”Uncle Larry” that Bibi’s mother wrote about, the one that Bibi resembles, she wrote.

Whatever force has blocked me, it’s still at work, as impenetrable a wall as ever. The people who wouldn’t let me in all could see that I needed help. I was desperate at times and this was no secret. My friends must have felt a sense of superiority to see me in demeaning jobs that were far beneath my skill level. Furthermore, in those low paying jobs, I was mocked by the other workers because I so obviously did not fit in. I have looked forward to getting my tiny pension to never have to deal with that humiliation. Nondisclosure agreements are agreements with the devil in which the signer agrees to gaslight anyone who starts to catch on. This also effectively blacklists any non signers who might need a job or a friend.

This is why I decided to start asking for donations to expand my work. I’ve been at this since 2014 and have only asked once, but then gave it up. I collected about $135 from two generous contributors at that time. In a better world, years ago I would have been recogized for my skills and invited to join some team, but my world isn’t like that. Instead, my output was generally plagiarized by the biggest players, all people I grew up with and called friend at one time. I struggled to find work while their bank accounts swole to the hundreds of millions.

While my old friends were avoiding me at that time, one of the people in New Orleans who actually spoke to me was a Ukrainian with a band called The Russian Mafia. His shows were great fun when I was there. The Debauche is what he calls his performance, but it’s really just good dancing music of the Russian Folk variety. I think he might be Zelinsky.

Just to add evidence for my overall narrative, here’s the Lafayette identity of the witness called Tim Burton. He’s called Cecil Doyle and he has a regular show on Radio Station KRVS for many years. He’s a well known sound engineer. I’m having trouble posting images right now, but he can be found easily enough. The link to his bio and show on KRVS is:

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