You Will Find Happiness Amid the Ruins

Many people admire Johnny Depp for having the courage to take his case public. None of his persecutors expected that. He was expected to pay up and shut up. He was advised to not bring the defamation case to court, according to Amber Heard’s expert witness, Kathryn Arnold, whose entire testimony was one long slanderous innuendo against Depp. What does this woman have to gain by slandering Johnny? What danger would she be in if Johnny wins?

“Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care.” Matt 10:29

This witness caught my attention firstly for her snide remarks about Johnny. Kathryn Arnold was trying so hard to defame him with subtle innuendo and huge exaggerations at the same time. I know people who do this. They are liars in an extra deceitful way.

What made me notice Ms. Arnold was a slip of the lip when she said ”my case”, oops she meant to say “this case”. Hmmm.

Online bio of her states that: ”Arnold has exceptional insider knowledge as a producer and executive in Los Angeles.” However Depp’s expert witness, Mr. Marks thinks she is not so knowledgable at all.

Secondly, I noticed that she resembles Brian Lourd in her physical appearance, but not an exact match. Maybe it’s irrelevant, but Brian Lourd is a very snide remarker himself. Is it in their training? Are they related? I looked up Debbie Lourd, sister of Brian Lourd on line and couldn’t find anything but I know she exists. Brian Lourd has also been a lifelong business associate of Depp.

Since Brian Lourd is openly gay, it’s no stretch that he would be a transvestite, someone who dresses as a woman. It remains for us to see his female identities. I don’t see an exact match with Arnold, as I said , it’s only a resemblance, they work in the same field and are about the same age. Could be his sister. Could be no relation at all. What is her skin in the game?

Like Brian Lourd, Kathryn graduated from UCLA. She with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, and I don’t know what degree he has, only that he worked at the William Morris Agency upon graduation. As I wrote before in more detail, he used to live on my street in New Iberia back in high school days. He sits now at the pinnacle of Hollywood power brokerage with a a few hundred million in his bank account. I don’t see him defending Depp, perhaps because Brian Lourd has troubles of his own.

As for that slip of the lip regarding “her” court case, Kathryn Arnold inspired me to do some research on CAA. Looking up CAA and Brian Lourd, I found this report about Harvey Weinstein’s complicity machine. The Complicity Machine is CAA, Creative Artists Agency, the talent agency headed by Brian Lourd and his entourage. Here it is, as published in

harvey weinstein bafta

Getty Images

Creative Artists Agency has issued an apology in response to a New York Times story Tuesday that included accusations that it failed to act on reports of abuse by Harvey Weinstein.

Justice Manipulation By The Mossad

Among the numerous charges in the Times piece is an accusation that Bryan Lourd, CAA’s managing partner, attempted to facilitate a meeting between Weinstein and reporter Ronan Farrow “around the time” the latter was reporting in the New Yorker…” How was Lourd aware of Ronan Farrow’s yet unpublished work?

Weinstein hired Black Cube, which employs Israeli Mossad spies, apparently to manipulate the US justice system by gang stalking witnesses and victims. This is what they call ’intelligence’. The corporate spy firm Kroll International were among those reportedly hired by Weinstein. In Weinstein’s name, spies from Black Cube assumed false identities and fraudulently represented companies to extract information from the rape victims of Weinstein. Rose McGowan, who said Weinstein raped her, was a victim of these spies.

For those who don’t believe targeting exists, read on.

“Weinstein had the agencies ‘target,’ or collect information on dozens of individuals, and compile psychological profiles that sometimes focussed on their personal or sexual histories,” the story said.

The only way to do this kind of spying is to pretend to be friends with your victim. This destruction of trust by ”intelligence officers” causes permanent trauma to the target. I can attest to that. Who can ever be trusted again after dealing with Mossad spies pretending to be your friends or your husband? Think about the isolation that results. This spying is nothing short of criminal and needs to be prosecuted.

Also Read:Harvey Weinstein Accused of Sex Trafficking in New Lawsuit

“Upon its October publication, (Ronan’s report) contained decades of rape, assault and sexual harassment accusations. Weinstein has consistently denied any instance of non-consensual sex.”

“This guy won’t meet right now,” Lourd reportedly wrote to Mr. Weinstein on Sept. 26. “He did say he will call you soon. I think he is absolutely pursuing the story.”

Brian Lourd’s CAA:

A lengthy list of people complicit in Weinstein’s crimes was published in the New York Times. This ”complicity machine” is what Weinstein built to shield himself from accusations about his violent behavior. The list includes entities like American Media, a journalism operation which reportedly gathered oppositional information on his accusers.

The history of CAA includes the Bronfman family. CAA was founded by Michael Ovitz. Vanity Fair magazine has a tedious article detailing the negotiations. The take away is the close relationship between Ovitz at CAA and Bronfman, during the time when Hollywood was stolen by the Russian mafia.

Ovitz knew that Edgar Bronfman Jr., whose family controlled Seagram, was interested in owning a significant piece of the entertainment business, and he was happy to facilitate a deal. In 1995, after selling its 24 percent stake in DuPont for $8.8 billion, Seagram bought MCA Universal for $5.7 billion. As Bronfman thought about who might run his new prize, the list was surprisingly—or unsurprisingly—short. The agent who had helped broker the deal leapt to the top of his list.” (That agent was Ovitz)

EDGAR BRONFMAN JR. (former C.E.O., Seagram; former chairman, Warner Music Group): The transfer of CAA is where we get to the takeover of the entertainment industry by families connected to child sex trafficking. At this point, the connection is expressed through Harvey Weinstein, but what does this have to do with Johnny Depp? I know that Warner Brothers originally was actually owned by Johnny’s real family, not his fake SAG identity family. I’ve given the story of his real family which includes the stolen identity of his mother. This false identity enabled the transfer of Apple Electronics, Warner Brothers and the family shipping business, plus God knows how much farmland and businesses in Mexico and Europe.

So we know how they got hold of Disney and Warner Brothers. Remember that Disney owns Johnny Depp’s contract for Pirates of the Caribbean. The Disney cells were stolen from Arlene’s house, effectively stealing the Disney company and Arlene was the grandmother of Amber Heard, as well as the mother of Bibi Netanyahu, the Mossad agent who fraudulently married me. These people are guilty of stealing Johnny’s inheritance, and mine. This is what they are so afraid of, this is the Pandora’s box of unfinished business and death penalty crimes.

The complicity machine that is CAA makes all participants equally as guilty as Weinstein, with serious consequences. This includes Brian Lourd and any family members involved in his public relations businesses.

Which reminds me to mention that TMZ is owned by Rupert Murdoch. This is the news outlet that purchased the copyright to a video of Johnny slamming kitchen cabinets in his own home. This is the worst they could get on him. The video was taken without his permission and sold. The only person who could legally claim copyright is Amber, who had also edited herself out of the video, but only the part where she is sniggering at Johnny, showing no compassion for him at all. In fact, she took great pleasure at his sadness. This fact of copyright ownership effectively proves that Amber had the intent to defame Johnny publicly. She betrayed her husband, for what?

My guess is that, since Amber is also Megan Markle, and since the Queen is Arlene’s sister Myrna, (Amber’s Great Aunt) then Amber has hopes of being the next Queen of England. Scary huh? This trial is huge. It’s no wonder these culprits advised Johnny not to go to court with this case.

The Complicity Machine:

Back in the ’90s, it’s reported that actress Gwyneth Paltrow told her CAA agent Rick Kurtzman that Weinstein harassed her in a hotel room. Kurtzman did not advise Paltrow to bring the complaint to his superiors at the agency, which would include Lourd and his fellow managing partner Kevin Hovane. Paltrow counts them in her innermost circle of friends. How’s that for friendship?


The Kathryn Arnold character says she “works personally with each client to apply her broad knowledge to their unique circumstance”. She sits there shamelessly betraying Depp in public with snide remarks like ”yet again” supposedly Depp was violent. She says he was both ”late and tardy”, which is so horrifying that she hopes the jury would make him pay Amber $100 million.

I’d call it jealousy. They work in the unison of this jealousy. Everyone can see this now. I call this gang stalking.

On a spiritual level, why Johnny? This trial is a confession and repentance for the sin of using your power, talents and skills to promote evil people and their evil agendas. Qualified people in many fields were blocked by all this flexing of power, and it continued over a lifetime for some of us. He can’t claim ignorance. This trial is making amends for that, by providing a legal forum and discovery for what could be called gang stalking of Depp by Heard, her crew and whoever was employing them, if anyone.

Was Amber and her crew of backstabbers employed and trained by a foreign ”intelligence” agency? Has anyone asked Amber if she speaks Russian? Is she also the wife of Putin? Is Amber the one who holds several positions in the governments of Russian Federation countries thanks to Putin? Is there a new, third Putin in place? I’ve touched on Putin’s wife in previous articles. That’s another story altogether, and it’s almost too twisted to even talk about, and scary. Only my most dedicated readers will understand that Johnny is the same person that I call Jerry Arceneaux. But we’ll just keep that our little secret. I did warn him. I hope he gets out of this victorious.

It’s a tough and lonely situation that he dealt with, surrounded as he was by these chosen snakes.

The lesson here is that even though you are trying to be a good person, if you help evil people get positions that others are more qualified for, then you’re not really such a good person after all, because you’re causing painful consequences to be suffered by innocent people. Lessons must be learned. Karma must be dealt.

Who was more qualified than Amber? Who was being considered for the role before Johnny used his influence to get Amber hired? I don’t know but there’s always a flip side to the coin of unfair hiring practices. For every hire along the lines of ”It’s not what you know, but who you know that gets you the job”, there is someone out there who is qualified but did not get the job This unfairness has continued for the entire working career of an untold number of people in many fields, not just acting.

I have concluded that the sum total of all unfair hirings has accomplished the task of destroying civilization. We live among the ruins and find our happiness here, because only the ruins remain. The birds are still singing their songs, and I still listen to them.

Brian Lourd, partner at Creative Artists Agency, CAA.
We end where we began: Brian Lourd, my date to the high school prom. 🙁
Hollywood power broker. A person to watch.
Kathryn Arnold might be related to Benedict Arnold the famous traitor. However, here she is testifying against Johnny Depp as an expert witness. Her snide comments against Depp were off the charts. What’s in it for her?
I’ll be studying this person more. Heard’s expert witnesses are all extremely sketchy and research worthy.

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