Think Twice Before Promoting Whores to High Honor

This celebration of whores over the past two generations has brought us to this exemplary outcome called the Depp-Heard trial. It started with Madonna.

As for Madonna, who thought it was a good idea to glorify this trashy mediocrity and give her the name used for the Blessed Virgin Mary? It’s shameful, but some talent agent promotor in Hollywood thought it was funny. I didn’t.

One thing that the top executives in Hollywood have in common is homosexuality. My personal experience with the ones that I know, particularly Brian Lourd, is that he and his gay friends enjoy mocking women, pitting women in competition with each other and promoting strippers, prostitutes and copy cats. What these homosexuals avoid are straight women because we represent competition for the men that they want. The goal is to ostracize decent women. By keeping us completely out of the picture, they develop a narrative that all women are whores, that whores deserve respect, and being a whore is the best that any woman can achieve.

In reality, no man really wants to be with an unfaithful wife, so he convinces himself that he has the power to mold the stripper into the image of the exact decent woman that he rejected. Then he turns the stripper into an irreproachable idol. I watched my father try to do this with his second wife and her daughter, when he was completely mind controlled by them.

One promoted solution to this false narrative is that men can solve the conundrum of the whore wife by inserting their penises into the anus of another man. This has the added benefit (to the promotors of homosexuality) of making the straight woman so disgusted by this filthiness that she no longer wants her partner. Voila, mission accomplished.

Whether it’s brainwashed people or mechanical bots on social media I see promotion of the idea that, since AH is a scheming whore who lies her way to fame and fortune, then so are all women.

Of course Johnny had literally a crowd of women vying for his attention before he hooked up with AH. I know for a fact that her arrogance was obvious from the start, yet she was the town darling. AH was chosen over women who were honest, devoted and hard working. She was chosen by many men besides Johnny, men who betrayed their own partners to have affairs with Amber. She was a busy girl. One of those men was my own boyfriend at the time, but there were others. She had all the men enthralled. Now they are paying a heavy price. No one gets their life back. I will add the sad fact that wherever she goes, her std situation spreads. There’s an epidemic of drug addiction and sexually transmitted diseases in Lafayette right now. The youth are hopeless. It’s very sad to get into the details of each broken life.

God cares about every little sparrow that falls, and he cares about the unknown people who have small incomes. Maybe this trial is therapy for the good women and men who were rejected for liars, thieves, strippers and con men. If, in order to even this great unfairness of glorifying the nastiest of women, while ignoring the truly good ones, a public trial must be held, then this is it. The promotion of whores to high honor comes to this. If Johnny loses, it’s for this lesson to all men.

As for me, I just don’t trust the courts, unless there’s something different about this one.

Even though our justice system gives privileges to the super wealthy, in the end, God’s justice cannot be avoided.

2 thoughts on “Think Twice Before Promoting Whores to High Honor

  1. AH also Knowingly & Willingly went into an occupation that commonly trades sex for roles….IE..the casting couch.
    Good Read👌

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