Elaine Bredehoft

Very early in this journal I mentioned the Lazy Lounge in New Iberia. It had the meat market next door, and the owners family lived next to that. The high school friend of mine whose father owned the property was Melissa Bonin. I’ve often wondered if her father was the mobster named Joe Bonano, because he looked like him. The rest is in that previous article, about all the people who died around that place and what people said about it.

I’ve decided that there are enough connections between Elaine Bredehoft and Melissa Bonin, that they might as well be the same person. Of course they look exactly alike, but Melissa Bonin is not known to be a lawyer. Mob loot could be the source of Amber’s appeal money. I’m keeping this short for now.

Here’s Melissa in the next video, but as you can hear, the voice has been electronically changed for the Elaine character act. Elaine’s real voice can be heard briefly just at the beginning of her last interview linked below, when she says ”thank you”, but the rest is heavily camouflaged.

I wonder how these people can all be using alias names and SAG identities in court.

Elaine or Melissa: Whether artist copycat or phony lawyer, equally full of baloney.

Who is being fooled here?

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