A Judgement for Damages

The story that I have to tell, if I were to include more personal details than I’ve given so far, is one in which Mossad mind control techniques combined with gang stalking and mob encirclement, have had the result that my entire life has been one of suffering their constant attempts at mental abuse, physical endangerment and abandonment specifically by influencing the people in my family and community of so-called friends. I had to beg my father at one point to remember that I am his daughter, not Robin, that Robin has another father. He would look at me confused, with mistrust, wondering what kind of trick I might be playing on him, that I would claim to be his daughter when everyone around him knows that Robin is his daughter. That’s how bad things got inside the family. A lifelong nightmare. Neither of my parents could remember me, and they were convinced that even the worst punishment was too good for me because Robin with her Mossad mob had succeeded in switching our lives, with me getting the blame for her lies, theft and connivance.

The Depp-Heard trial demonstrated the slanderous methods used by Mossad agents such as Amber Heard and her family. This is what I also had to endure. Great that Johnny won his case. All of us watching it could only dream of being able to bring our own cases to court.

I hope I’m wrong but I think the only court that would hear our cases is God’s court of justice. I call on God’s court of justice now, but who would I sue? The answer to that is the most ironic of all, but I’ll keep it to myself. Maybe one day he’ll admit it publicly. He knows who he is. I can’t mention it, mainly because it’s not the kind of thing for which evidence can be presented. Someone appearing in my life repeatedly using different disguises for the dual purpose of trying to have a one-night stand and the pure fun of playing a dirty trick on me and then disappearing, well that smacks of abuse, and it’s long term. But if it was just to spend some quality time, then it’s not abuse. It’s just a misfortune. I’m happy to report that I never went through with the one night stand, but my heart was always broken. Each disappearing act contributed to an overall sense of hopelessness. I actually could have loved this clown, who I affectionately name My Stalker. Unfortunately, I was trained by My Stalker to give up, after a lifetime of this cruel disappearing trick. And I don’t dream of ever being treated with respect by this Mossad trained individual because I think I’ll never have enough money to earn it.

The truth of my career is that the advancement of everyone else was contingent on their willingness to betray me. Randy Whatley never forgave me for defending myself against his destruction of my life. Divorcing a Mossad agent only angers them and makes them more determined to destroy us. The favorite Mossad method is to use our loved ones to destroy us. My Dear Stalker even admitted in private, with no remorse, that he’s betrayed me before and will do it again as long as there’s money to be gained by it. It’s too sad a story and I don’t want to ruin anyone’s day bringing up all the sorry details. Let’s just say that many of my long forgotten back stabber friends appeared in the Depp-Heard trial on both sides.

This man shown below has a law firm in Lafayette, La. It’s called Domingeaux, Wright and Roy. Among his various identities, My Stalker appeared to me on one occasion as a relative of this man, from Opelousas, La. Imagine having been adopted and trained by this evil POS. The question I have is this: Why does Mr. James Roy look so much like this other man, Diosdado Cabello? The FBI offers a multi million dollar reward for information leading to his arrest. A relative? The same man? Diosdado is the same name as Dieudonne, or Dudney. Any chance I’d ever get a reward?

You’ll find some familiar faces on the next link to his law firm. I’ve seen them regularly on youtube as controlled opposition.


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