Ghislaine Maxwell and The Fake Queen

Years ago I began publishing early photos of people who have since been arrested or have lost their royal titles, mega yachts and offshore bank accounts. One of Prince Andrew’s daughters is reported to have had her bank card declined recently at a coffee shop.

Because Ghislaine Maxwell has been sentenced to 20 years in prison, I’ll review and republish some relevant photos. This photo is from 1984, part of Arlene’s keepsakes, a treasure chest of international criminal conspiratorial evidence. Arlene is the mother of Bibi Netanyahu, and the Aunt of Hillary and Bill Clinton. Bill and Hillary’s mother is Myrna, Arlene’s sister. Remember that the C in RICO stands for conspiracy. Yes, it does exist, therefore we do have laws against it.

These are the conspirators who deviously infiltrate governments and then turn the military against their own people. It happened in Syria and in the Donbas of Ukraine. It’s happening in many places, especially considering the deadly vaccinations being forced upon the gullible and trusting.

If you focus on names you’ll get confused. It’s typical of this crime family to switch names with siblings and to constantly invent new names for themselves. Focus on the face, the physical characteristics and quirks of posture in photos. There’s an energetic signature that is transmitted from an image which helps to identify people in disguise.

This is a photo of Ghislaine Maxwell in 1984, found in Arlene’s collection. 1984 is around the time that I first met her. She is a cousin of mine, the daughter of Antoine Preval Broussard, (a family from St. Martinville, La.) as I was told at that time. I first met her in St. Martinville. She and her co-conspirators glued themselves to my poor father at the time. He was way too kind to them.

This is Ghislaine Maxwell. She is shown here with “Hillary Clinton”, made up to appear Chinese, who is known within her family as Lisa. Maxwell is identified as ”Judy” on the back of the photo. . On my family tree, and as I knew her, she is Trudy Broussard.

This is the back of the photo.

The mother of Hillary/Lisa is Myrna, who I think could possibly be the present day fake Queen. Myrna married into the family of Carlos Hilou. I am considering the possibility that the wife of Carlos Slim Helou is Chairman Mao, and one of his sons is Sun Yat Sen. There are other possibilities for who the fake Queen might be, but consider this profile photo of Myrna and how similar she is to the Fake Queen.

This is Myrna, the mother of Bill and Hillary.
This fake Queen has a much lower hairline than the original Queen.

This photo of Myrna is from the wedding of Myrna’s niece, shown here. This niece plays the character called Bill Clinton. She’s actually female, preparing here to marry Bashar Al Asad.
Photos from Arlene’s collection.

Compare the height and slant of the forehead. The original Queen has a higher forehead.

Notice the hairline is not the same as the real Queen who had a slanted forehead.
Very short forehead, no slant.
Different hairline, different slant and higher forehead on the real Queen.

The real queen is the mother of Prince Andrew. He certainly knows about the switch. In fact, around 1978 Dave Luke (Prince Andrew’s other identity), told me that his parents were divorced and that his mother was very, very angry at his father. Plenty of dots to fill in there. If I had to, I would say that the original queen must have been Faye Jackson, the daughter of my grandmother’s sister, Rose Braquet Jackson. Aunt Rose had a very wide smile compared to her sisters. I’ll point her out in old silent movies when I get to it. Her brother Tony was the original Sherlocke Holmes. Greetings to my ancestor spirit guides.

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