The Fake Queen of England is Greatly Admired

But who is concerned for the real Queen?

Notice the comparative height of this, the original Queen Elizabeth II and her husband. The top of her head reaches the eye level of Phillip.
This is not the same woman.

In spite of the drastic height change, the fake queen does have a very similar face to the original, but the mouth and smile do not match at all. The nose is the same. Obviously the teeth can be easily matched with upper dentures, but the shape of the smile cannot be duplicated. Also the fake Queen has a smile that shows the lower teeth with a little gap in front. The original Queen has no photos showing her lower teeth.

The original Queen Elizabeth II has a smile that cannot be duplicated. The fake Queen photos have some photoshopping to try to correct this, but once you focus on it you can see the difference, if you want to.

This photo above shows the natural smile of the original Queen. It’s a wide smile that shows a bit of her upper gums. Notice the upturned corners of her smile which extend so far that 4 or five teeth besides the front two are showing. Her ear lobes are smallish compared to the fake Queen, though some people might want to attribute this to age. I don’t think it’s age, because of all the other differences, but the main difference is the height.

Completely different smile here on the present Queen.

The difference in the shape and position of the nostrils can also be seen in these close-ups, besides the different shape of the smile.

The original Queen Elizabeth II.

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