Culture and Traditions of Professional Fakers

I’ve been reading comments regarding a child who is somewhere in line to the the British Crown. Being as we are drowning in lies, some of us have taken up the study of liars. One of these, Jésus Enrique Rosas, The Body Language Guy on various platforms, was reviewing a new book and a photograph, noting the oddity that the alleged child belonging allegedy to … Continue reading Culture and Traditions of Professional Fakers

Earthworm Tractors: The Movie

Way too funny to not share: Another Joe Brown movie called ”Earthworm Tractors” is a hilarious creative demonstration of the original Caterpillar tractor. How many different business promotions, besides Caterpillar tractors, can you spot in this slapstick spoof, linked below. There’s another early television series, not a Joe Brown production and with completely different actors, called ”This is Your Life”. It must have been part … Continue reading Earthworm Tractors: The Movie

This Goes Both Ways

FALSE ACCUSATIONS AND LISTS OF TARGETED SOLDIERS WHO HAVE RISKED THEIR LIVES TO PREVENT WORLD STARVATION BY GLOBALISTS: I’m only posting this link because the title on it is all wrong. Someone mistakenly typed ”war criminal” when it should be ”war hero”. It’s a sneaky, cowardly form of spell craft warfare, though not new. We either turn this around or else no one is … Continue reading This Goes Both Ways

Ukraine and Russia: Who’s Fighting Who

Recent reports from Russian Special Military Operations make it clear that the so-called nationalists in Ukraine are actually NATO mercenary forces, the pirates. Since they actually use the Swastika symbol as their own, the name NAZI is appropriate. Russian official reports call them nationalist forces. What the international arms dealers are doing, is to label NATO as if it were a struggling local army defending … Continue reading Ukraine and Russia: Who’s Fighting Who

Shipping By Sea in 1928

An incredible film entitled: Four Masted Barque rounding Cape Horn in 1928, with narration by the cameraman, is what I’m sharing here, just for rainy day fun. “All credit to Mystic Seaport videos for creating this wonderful film. They should have a dedicated utube channel for these films as we may be missing some classics. A rare and wonderful part of history capturing a square-rigged … Continue reading Shipping By Sea in 1928

The Reward for Being Manipulated By the Enemy

We’ve all been manipulated. When our good intentions are diverted into helping the people who hurt our friends, some call it energy harvesting, the ego makes it hard to admit the error and take immediate action to make amends. This next video is an example of the futility of pleading to their betrayer for help, when this group begins to realize and describe for us, … Continue reading The Reward for Being Manipulated By the Enemy

Vinnytsia Ukraine

“The result has been the elimination of conference participants” Special Operation of the Russian military forces report on a precision sea-based missile attack on an arms deal in process in Ukraine. Anyone wanting to know why the press is rolling out the standard propaganda play on our emotions regarding a building hit by Russian military, read on. Two reports on exactly what building in Ukraine … Continue reading Vinnytsia Ukraine

Queen Victoria and Edward VIII

The slander industry goes hand in hand with inheritance theft. Way back in a previous posting I gave up on trying to research Queen Victoria because I couldn’t even find a true image of her on the internet. The real Queen Victoria had a high forehead, small ears and straight nose, all distinguishing characteristics of her bloodline, as seen in these official photos, just … Continue reading Queen Victoria and Edward VIII