Queen Victoria and Edward VIII

The slander industry goes hand in hand with inheritance theft.


Way back in a previous posting I gave up on trying to research Queen Victoria because I couldn’t even find a true image of her on the internet. The real Queen Victoria had a high forehead, small ears and straight nose, all distinguishing characteristics of her bloodline, as seen in these official photos, just turn off the sound.


Her family story, like that of King Edward VIII, had been veiled by graft. That is, the usurper grafted their own embarrassing bloodline onto hers, on the internet, in Freemason history books and in the real life matrix that we live in. None of it makes sense. The main distortion in history is to falsely present events as if nation states were vying for power. In reality, the legitimate were always fighting for their inheritance. Distorted political parties are incomprehensible when you understand the world wide web of high level intermarriages and friendships among the vast family of Queen Victoria. She had 42 grandchildren, from what I understand of it. This is what they call the Hapsburgs. This family represents opposition to war throughout history, but with the willingness and preparedness to face war.

They provided protection to the people, they didn’t ask for it. This was a legal obligation on all who held legitimate land titles.

The disinformation and targeting campaign against the family and descendants of Queen Victoria is actually a multigenerational hate crime that includes a most cruel form of identity theft, which includes theft of one’s good reputation by targeting, spying, enforced poverty through physical and intellectual property theft and constant flow of false accusations of serious crimes, accusations that are projections of their own guilt upon the innocent; And lots of murder.

We can see the present day usurpers and identity thieves. They all stand before us in plain sight, boldly claiming to be us, but their faces don’t match up with our ancestors’ photos. They repeat or invent baseless unsavory rumors and pass this off as history, yet provide no source or reference for the lies and shamelessly include this in every mention of their name.

The photoshopped faces have all the noses changed and entirely different faces pasted onto the bodies. This had corrupted all my research, until now. I’m providing a link to true photographic images of the real Queen Victoria, not the little man in a dress and wearing a stupid looking crown on a fat head with no forehead. The real Queen Victoria wore the Romanov tiaras. The beautiful photos on this video allow us to see why she was so admired. She looks impressively normal with her happy, healthy family.

Like Queen Victoria, there has been an industry of jealousy and hate based on the vicious slander of her descendants, most notably King Edward VIII and his family, falsely accused of treason after their deaths, and spied upon their entire lives by the FBI. Based on what I have seen so far as evidence, it’s clear to me that the people running this slander/hate/spy operation are actually the traitors. The actual traitor was the second son of the King, who stole the coronation, who betrayed his brother in a coup that occurred in 1936-37. He looks like George Bush Sr. to me. The coup was led by Cosmo, head of the Church of England, according to the reports given us by the by the culprits. Cosmo looks a lot like Alister Crowley, Head of the Church of Satan. As a Catholic, I see no difference between Protestantism and Satanism anyway.

King Edward VIII, the eldest son of King George V, grandson of Queen Victoria. King George V was murdered by doctors, amazingly enough. The reason they were able to get away with it is because it was simultaneous with the coup against his eldest son, known officially as Edward VIII.

Only one way to go at this point: whoever is pumping out countless slanderous, lying books, documentaries, and photoshopped historic photos needs to be prosecuted. Reparations must be paid to the victims.

Here is an explanation of why Germany and England were legally united through inheritance, translated from German:

Coat of arms of the Guelphs

The royal standard of the House of Hanover was used as the official coat of arms of the King of Hanover in the period 1814-1866. (Not to be confused with the official national colors - yellow and white.) Today this coat of arms is the family crest of the Welfenhaus. This coat of arms consists of individual coats of arms: The three "leopards" standing one above the other on the top left and bottom right mark England. The "lion" at the top right symbolizes Scotland. The "harp" on the lower left shows Ireland.
Ernst August Royal Standard 
George V.
King Ernst August

H. Hanover

King George V

The central shield shows the coat of arms of the House of Brunswick - Lüneburg. It was added to the coat of arms of Great Britain after the Guelphs inherited the English throne in 1714. The two "leopards" at the top left denote the Welf homeland of Braunschweig from 1267. The blue rising "lion" at the top right symbolizes the Welf homeland of Lüneburg from 1267. The "imperial crown" in the center of the Welf coat of arms illustrates the arch treasury of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation 1706 of the Electorate of Hanover from 1692-1806. The crown above the Guelph coat of arms dates from 1814/15, after the Electorate of Hanover was raised to the status of a kingdom at the Congress of Vienna. As early as 1361, the Guelphs chose the Sachsenross as their seal and coat of arms. With this they wanted to point out their leading position in northern Germany, at the same time the Guelphs considered themselves the successors of the Saxon king Widukind.

There is a fake Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson and that’s how the monarchy ended up with the fake Queen. The real Queen Elizabeth (ne Edith Faye Jackson Luke) died in 1992, or such is my understanding based on who I see as the real mother of Prince Andrew (Robert Luke) Even Edith Faye was not the real, real Queen. The real, real Queen should have been the real wife of Edward VIII. There’s an industry based on slandering Edward VIII and his wife, using lookalikes. The older generation of English are targeted for extermination because of their possible awareness of this.

It’s time to study the cabinet members during the short reign of King Edward VIII. After watching a few hateful, slanderous and defamatory so-called ”documentaries”, I can’t help but notice the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Michael Joseph Savage.


He looks like Wexler, the owner of Victoria’s Secret, the under wear retailer. He looks like Gerald Celente finance guru, and he resembles Shinsu Abe if you look closely. There are other possible identities also. Was he the fake King Edward VIII? I can’t say for certain, not yet anyway.

This is the lying, slanderous book, with a photo of the fake King Edward VIII, and the name of the culprit publishing company.

Not King Edward VIII

2 thoughts on “Queen Victoria and Edward VIII

    1. Something like that, yes. Many inexplicable details. It seems that most family members considered the public exposure too burdensome and restrictive, with no upside. The entire operation has been a continuous war against gradually increasing medical mind control terrorism.


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