The Reward for Being Manipulated By the Enemy

We’ve all been manipulated. When our good intentions are diverted into helping the people who hurt our friends, some call it energy harvesting, the ego makes it hard to admit the error and take immediate action to make amends. This next video is an example of the futility of pleading to their betrayer for help, when this group begins to realize and describe for us, the cold hard truth of having been manipulated. This is what Zelensky’s soldiers have to say after suffering a 70% loss of personnel, as they describe what it’s like having pirates for leaders, when you are willing to follow their mandates:

This next link is a 1951 movie called High Treason, which is about a well-intentioned man who did take action when he realized that he had been manipulated. I pay close attention to this group of actors, and wonder who they might be…perhaps the same group in the documentary previously linked, the one called Backstairs Billy. I notice the Queen Mum for sure.

So how much can we trust any supposedly historic film, unless we examine very closely. Filmed interior events would be suspect. The people who were supervised by Backstairs Billy had access to all the clothing and belongings of their employers. They also had access to knowledge of their mannerisms and speech, in case they wanted to mimic and play dress up. What was to stop them from filming fake historic events, dressed to look like the officials, late at night in the official buildings they had access to? These movies give me such ideas.

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