Vinnytsia Ukraine

“The result has been the elimination of conference participants”

Special Operation of the Russian military forces report on a precision sea-based missile attack on an arms deal in process in Ukraine.

Anyone wanting to know why the press is rolling out the standard propaganda play on our emotions regarding a building hit by Russian military, read on. Two reports on exactly what building in Ukraine was hit and precisely who was in it are linked below. Both reports, one directly from a Russian military spokesman or CGI thereof, the other is the Moscow Times, state that the target was a conference being held at a public event center where arms dealers were meeting privately with high level members of Ukrainian military. The attendees did not survive the attack. The video images in this report show a precise hit.

This report shows the massive build up of armaments in Ukraine that were aimed at the various regions and cities of Russia, which are listed. The report also tells us, with clear video of the events, that this special operation had succeeded in eliminating practically the entire lot of it. Amazingly precise and well done, bravo.

The full report starts at minute 2:39. The part dealing with the bombing of the arms dealers in Vinnytsia, Ukraine begins around minute 4:00.

“The Russian Defense Ministry said Friday that it was targeting a meeting between Ukrainian air force officials and foreign arms suppliers in Vinnytsia’s House of Officers, a building locals say is used for cultural and social events.

The meeting concerned the “transfer of the next batch of aircraft, and destructive weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as the organization of repair for the Ukrainian aviation fleet,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement on Telegram. “

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