Fit For A King

This 1936 movie, ‘Fit For a King’, made by “Joe E. Brown”, shows us exactly what the mysterious duo looked like, albeit wearing theatrical makeup.

Who made and acted in ”Fit For a King” are the mystery people called King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, acting in what he called a photo-play, according to the opening credits. I know them by their hints, clues, faces and by who they are acting with. The story line of this 1937 movie resembles what I see to be the real situation that Wallis and Edward found themselves in. Knives were flying at them, their assassinations planned by their closest advisors, no one to be trusted except each other. The group who made this movie were making some of the very first talking movies.

I’ve been studying the photographed faces of the descendants of Queen Victoria. As you get to her grandchildren, the seriousness of their attitude is more noticeable than the fine dresses. I’m sure the fine dresses were their own handiwork, and the inherited jewelry was heavy and cold and uncomfortable to wear. What a burden to be saddled with. Anyone in their right mind would prefer a conventional, obscure existence, and the ones born into these inheritances must have dreamed of an obscure kind of life as something to strive for, an almost impossible achievement under the circumstances. The challenge was to remain true to their duty while attempting to insulate their family from the flying knives. In their speeches, the elder members of these families described themselves as servants, because in fact that’s what their position is, when duties are properly and righteously performed. Without the inborn sense of duty, no amount of money could possibly compensate for the fact of being a living target for Bolsheviks and brainwashed members of the Freemason cult.

The seriousness on the faces of this family in the 1800’s and early 1900’s reflects this reality.

Edward VIII, it’s clear to see in this movie, is the same person as General George Patton and also President Dwight Eisenhower. The competing newspaper reporter must be Aunt Edna’s husband Paul Barras. Edna Braquet (pronounced bra-Kay) was the sister of “Wallis Simpson” and Wallis was the sister called Henriette. I suppose that Wallis and Walet could be the same name, rooted in the name Guelph, which is also spelled ”Welles” or even Wales. Simpson could be an example of that mysterious code name ‘Sam’, which we’ll get into more later.

This is a very funny movie, worth watching more than once, to catch all the message and nuance of the comedy. I don’t think that today’s movies have improved at all over this.

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