Earthworm Tractors: The Movie

Way too funny to not share: Another Joe Brown movie called ”Earthworm Tractors” is a hilarious creative demonstration of the original Caterpillar tractor. How many different business promotions, besides Caterpillar tractors, can you spot in this slapstick spoof, linked below.

There’s another early television series, not a Joe Brown production and with completely different actors, called ”This is Your Life”. It must have been part of the conspiracy to maintain and prolong many identity-theft crimes, by inventing fake families and using lookalikes. I just watched one of this series, purported to be Joe E. Brown, but not. The only reason to produce such a stupid, boring show would be as part of a plot to steal a very large inheritance, or several of them. It leaves a false, unverified record of people who are no longer alive to say otherwise.

I think this particular movie is historically significant. All the Joe Brown movies are a great way to help teach American History to young students, because several historical and scientific subjects are touched on in each one. The theme of identity confusion runs throughout many of these early films. Pay attention…

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