Tartaria and Mud Floods

I realized that certain of my articles were accidentally published on another website that I keep but rarely use. Also, there were several months in which I was blocked from access to this website so I posted in various comment sections. The result has been a break in my narrative and I can’t remember what I’ve talked about and what remains to be told and possibly corrected.

The truth is that I’m so sick and tired of the degenerate life forms that I’ve been studying, the so-called Clintons, Bushes, Obama, Fake Royalty, Megan Markle, Freemason, anti-Christian, anti-humans, that I’m actually happy when I get censored and blocked. I’m working on my off-grid three acre barn-house instead. I’m also dealing with a steady stream of hungry wandering lost children of drug addicted parents, and it’s a big weight on my shoulder which is driving me to poverty and exhaustion. It’s not enough to just say no to drugs. If an entire society is saying yes, and using their children as drug couriers, then eventually everyone gets caught in the net. Even the sober ones get pulled down, like the only trained swimmer being engulfed by a hoard of people who never bothered to learn how to swim but went out on a leaky State Ship anyway and the Ship of State has sunk.

I wrote awhile back about an unprecedented flood that had reached Louisiana and was recorded in the Papeles de Cuba in letters from Bouligny to Galvez.

Some evidence of this great flood is being discovered and discussed under the topic called Tartaria and mud floods. The photos are mind boggling. The entire false narrative of “White man steals land of natives” is completely blown out of the water, so to speak.

It’s easy to see that the reason for hiding this evidence of an enormous flood is that it totally destroys the so-called “native American” falsehood. What with casino gambling and free government money, the people claiming to be “native Americans” have much to lose by the truth. It’s much like the lucrative false narrative of the Jewish holocaust. These narratives are designed to start wars, so that dealers in death can gain power. But besides the profits from war, they also get privileged treatment for being so-called ‘victims’ of Christian people, when in fact it’s the other way around.

I’m posting one of the videos that discusses the hiding of enormous pre-flood classical buildings. The photos show them with electrical wiring and these were in existence all over America and the world before this flood. We don’t have actual dates, but there is evidence that three digit years engraved onto the buildings have had a Roman numeral 1 added in the front, essentially adding a thousand years of imaginary time.

This documentary is one of many that should be looked at and considered. No one can say with certainty what any of this amounts to, other than a false history being taught in academia.


The photos shown in the video provide plenty of evidence that this is the aftermath of a great flood. Look at the canals all silted up, bridges over a dry river bed, no water anywhere, but buildings are half buried in mud. We see only the tops. Very few humans. A dead horse in front of an enormous technologically advanced building allegedly being built for a world fair but only five men supposedly working?

Are these photos the record of the aftermath of an enormous unprecedented flood, possibly around the end of the 1700’s. Reported officially by Bouligny in letters to Galvez, (papeles de Cuba, now in Seville Spain) both of whom were invading already settled Louisiana. When the flood reached Louisiana it spread out quickly and became mostly harmless, but it was still bad enough to stop the invasion of these pirates called Bouligny and Galvez.

The flood is recorded in the letters. In other words, the survivors were in South Louisiana. The cause of the flood must have been volcanic eruptions that filled up the Red River, causing the initial flood. This Red River Valley was famous for it’s wealth, as written in several journals from before the time of the photos. Before this flood, there were 7 cities of Cebolla that were searched for in the 1500’s and reported to the Catholic sponsors in what is now the Western part of the USA. These reports have been published in books that are being taken out of libraries and I bought mine for 50 cents. These search parties were about 20 men on horseback, mostly fearful of starvation and death, but they have been portrayed as “Conquistadors”, while the books that prove otherwise are thrown out. It’s ridiculous.

These so called “conquerers” wrote of seeing people who lived entirely underground. The people entered through tiny buildings that covered the entrance to very nice “digs” below. It’s looking like these underground homes of so-called “Indians”, were actually buildings that had been buried in the mud flood.

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