News Blues

Since deplatforming the most talented content is now what the media does best, I’m getting the news blues. If not for videos of people dying from Covid vaccines, there would be no real and honest reports. Oh, and the gang fights on cruise ships has to pass for honest and funny, unfortunately.

Because there’s so much boring, plagiarized and dishonest content out there, I’ve had to make a few rules.

When it comes to news and commentary, I never listen to anyone who uses the term “The West” to describe a worldwide criminal organization that occupies governments everywhere. I especially stop listening when they use the term “we” when talking about what these international criminals do. Why bother reporting if you can’t speak the truth?

Anyone using this kind of language is part of the problem, spreading more divisive rhetoric, not being honest. I suspect at worst, that they are reading from a script and are cowards, or at best, they are being careless with words and therefore unqualified to be reporting or commenting professionally. How can people enjoy any kind of freedom without freedom of language?

What is everyone afraid to say, and why? Is it fear of death, starvation, homelessness, and jail, for saying the name of the race-based political group who pretends to be an ally but is really the enemy? Yes, that’s it. A political group, or several groups, powerful enough to destroy a person, or many people, or an entire nation, is exactly what we’re looking at. And yet certain groups are allowed to organize worldwide, while a certain other group, of which I am a member, is prevented from doing the same thing. They are allowed to be “nationalists”, they are allowed to be “supremacists”, they are encouraged to be great again and they created nations like Communist China, The European Union, Saudi Arabia or Israel where they combine church (of Government Worship, Church of Blind Belief in Science, Church of Atheism, Islam or Satanism together with the State, while my group is practically prohibited from doing the same. And we pay all of these others yearly tribute by the billions, sent by Congress to their safe havens with no extradition treaties. My group doesn’t have this privilege. When the privileged ones have a new crime to commit, they do it in my town, and then leave, as instructed by the Talmud.

So let’s talk honestly about Ukraine and who blew up the pipeline. Maybe it was a strategic move by Putin in order to get out of a legal contract which obliged Russia to send oil to Europe, as has been alleged. But could it be someone else’s idea? Biden looking suspicious here. Perhaps it’s the same people from many nations who’ve been bombing Donetsk, one house a day for several years now, until Russia put a stop to it. Russia gets blamed for everything, we all know that. It’s a joke at this point but it continues. One thing is certain: No one will say the name of the probable culprits, other than to call them “The West”, which means you and I.

News about the Nordstream pipeline explosion is a case in point. Before speculating on that, let’s talk about who really invaded Ukrainian government years ago. Let’s talk about who always, always seeks to destroy people’s homes and put families on the street in tents, and has in fact done this all over the world. Let’s talk about who occupies European governments even while they hate European Christianity and culture, and have in fact thoroughly demolished our Christian culture and written a false history about it so that no one will defend it. Same strategy in many governments all over the world: the criminals play the victim, occupy the bureaucracy and destroy it all. Then they Move On.

The other thing I immediately switch off is anyone saying that destruction and disaster, mass imprisonment and central tyrannical control “ is coming”, “it’s here”, “accept it”, “there’s no avoiding disaster”, “we’re all doomed” they tell us, doomed! Anyone saying this is repeating a mantra, like a wicked spell or incantation, in other words, part of the problem. They need to shut up and keep their cowardly advice to themselves.

While I’m complaining, let me add another news and commentary turn off:

A thumbnail photo on a video of a person who’s mouth is wide open as if in shock is another no-no when it comes to news and commentary. I never look at those. This is true for all video content actually. Who decided that taking a picture of yourself with mouth wide open was a good idea?

If only these platforms didn’t have the right to ostracize the best talent, then I wouldn’t get the news blues. Until then, the old movies are still good and there’s plenty of them, all full of information. For example, there’s Ann Margaret, the original, real one, not the faker. She’s Linda Grace, the one who was married to Dale. There’s a faker pretending to be her that I read about, who attempted to appear on stage as if she actually were Ann Margret, but the faker fell and had a bad injury before she could perform. Karma I suppose. Here’s the real one:

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