The West

Here’s something I’d like to point out to people who pontificate about The West.

The West is a direction not a place. It’s one of the four cardinal directions. As a cardinal direction, West is never where you are, it’s always over there in the direction of the setting sun. Russia is the West if you’re standing in America.



“ a cardinal point of the compass, 90° to the left when facing north, corresponding to the point where the sun is seen to set.”

When we hear a political person or journalist blame all the world’s problems on The West, then it’s time to ask ourselves an important question.

If the media talkers and their employers succeed in eliminating The West, can we function with only three cardinal directions? Even having to give up one of the four cardinal directions, I suppose it’s worth it if it solves the problem of worldwide imminent destruction. I mean, if The West is the source of all the world’s problems, then getting rid of it would then get rid of all these manufactured wars, climate engineering, the evil monetary system and the rise of Satanism in business and politics, according to the pontificators. Surely it’s worth the loss of one of the four, and we’d still have three directions left from which to draw superior leaders, which is the goal, or else we die.

The only problem is that there cannot be a fixed and bounded place called the West on a global model of the world.

Being specific is a challenging goal, but faith in God has made it possible, for me anyway. It’s time to at least think about all life saving things that we’re not allowed to say without dire consequences. Consider what would happen if we all started saying those things at the same time.

Next question to consider: Was this a manufactured storm?

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