Empowerment Organizations

Organizations that are all about the “empowerment” of their “clients” abound worldwide. These empowerment groups all have one thing in common, but I can’t say what it is because it’s hate speech to mention certain obvious facts. To ramp up the hate speech police network, we have this upcoming:


“Join us for crucial discussions on topics including:

  • Preparing Your Community for Antisemitic Threats
  • Securing Democracy: Taking Hate and Extremism to Court
  • After the Midterms: Elections, Extremism and Disinformation
  • How QAnon and other Conspiracy Theories Fuel Antisemitism and Hate
  • Anti-Israel? Anti-Zionism? Antisemitism? How to Identify and What to Do”

As far as imaginary problems go, this one exceeds all bounds. Nevertheless, I’m thinking that their very real and illegal solutions need to be confronted once and for all. No, you can’t use imagined threats and paranoia to restrict the expression of others or to threaten them with lawsuits and criminal prosecution. No you cannot publish endless amounts of fake history and slanderous anecdotes against those who you imagine to be a threat. It’s time to look at this phenomenon closely. The very group that we support the most as a foreign nation is the same group planning to slam us even harder for any attempt at claiming our own cultural pride or boundaries. The one race singled out for targeting by all of these empowerment groups is the race of people that they’ve labeled as “white”.

The hate-speech/censorship crowd has a huge organization. According to their website, they get large sums from corporate and private sponsors. “As a sponsor, your support will empower and amplify the voices of leaders and members of ADL’s global community on today’s most critical issues.”

Their list of speakers are here, including Christopher Wray, FBI Director and Liz Cheney, Congress person:


To encourage donations of $250,000 the clients are not mentioned but the wealthy and powerful donors are promised such further empowerment as:

  • 25 Platinum Passes to the Summit
  • 25 seats at an invite-only Insider Summit session
  • Invitation for up to 5 to attend the invitation-only Welcome Breakfast
  • Access for invited passholder guests to the Summit VIP lounge and networking space

“We’re excited for you to join us in person November 10 at the Javits Center in New York City for Never Is Now.”

General Admission – $200 

Platinum Pass – $350

Senior (65+) – $170

College Student – $36

High School Student and Educator – $0

It might be interesting to see there in attendance some of the victims of unfair censorship. Attendees should include people who are unjustly accused of being haters, people who’ve suffered financially from censorship of their own creative endeavors, and free speech advocates of all sorts, yes, sitting there at this self righteous assembly of professional victims, observing, recording and learning peacefully, just to know.

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