Liz Truss Found

I found Liz Truss by remembering one of the many false identities that my early childhood hero, previously described, has used to fool me over the years. We had so many first dates, it takes time to remember them all, but no second date ever. I’m talking about the first dates I had with the one I’ve been calling Jerry. I skipped over that part on purpose. I was giving him time to discuss the situation with me and hopefully come to a workable solution.

Without that conversation, I’m forced to just blurt this out, with no warning. I’m not trying to mess up his life, though I’m not sure if he’s so concerned about mine. Let me mention here that at the time when I revealed the information about the bloody wall in Loreauville, evidence of a murder in 1963, my son was picked up on petty charges by the police and locked up in solitary confinement for two weeks, without trial, without lawyer, not allowed to make a phone call, his phone confiscated. All in my family felt harsh repercussions, it’s hard to say who was hit the hardest. We’re paying a price here for revealing this information. Just because I don’t dwell on it, doesn’t mean that it’s not happening.

I thought I might find Victor Manuel on this website linked below, but I found Liz Truss instead. Besides these two identities, she may also have yet another one, and if I’m right about that one, the news report is not good for her, very good for the rest of us.

Here is Liz Truss in Lafayette La. Notice the neck mole.

Jerry called himself Victor Manuel that time, which is also the first two names of my divorced husband, father of my children, Victor Manuel Molina. There’s plenty of evidence that the father of my two children is closely involved with stealing my inheritance by using a duplicate of me in the form of his new wife, or by using Ghislaine Maxwell or anyone else made up to resemble me and my children. I doubt that such a theft could have happened without a group effort, including an Aunt Flossie who suddenly started working as a bank teller late in life and who’s home was built by my brother in law, Yo.

Yo has already turned up as the brother of Adam Lemoine, but Adam Lemoine was actually Jerry, yet again. Yes, the brother of my brother in law, my sister’s brother in law is Jerry. And yet, wasn’t I aware that “Jerry” was or is still dating that same sister? I observed their interaction as it was posted on YouTube as crypto currency market manipulators, Crypto Eri and other characters, both of them using various identities. She’s with the Flare network, a ponzi scheme at best, designed to siphon value from XRP, as I see it. Anyone else who can follow all this, congratulations. Conviction on charges of market manipulation is probably what will bring this particular game to a close, and it will free up our financial system, hopefully.

Does Prince William have a strong resemblance to that brother in law Yo? Yes. Does my sister have a son with Yo who is around William’s age? Yes. However he could be another relative of Yo, or I could be totally wrong. I can’t say much more, other than that I was wrong about the identity of Kate Middleton. Kate is not a child of Bibi. Kate looks more like the grandson of Mike Carr/Lee Harvey Oswald. The grandchild photos are posted in previous articles using the surname Smith, first name Ryan, if I remember correctly.

The present British Royal Family is quite an assemblage of doppelgängers. All British prime ministers must be approved by the Queen or King. So these doppelgänger prime ministers are being approved by doppelgänger “Royalty”.

I’m posting this photo of Princess Anne because I can confirm that this is not a fake. It’s true that I never knew her as an adult, but she is a carbon copy of my Aunt Rose, her mother. Rose Braquet Jackson was the sister of my grandmother, Henriette. Princess Anne is as though Aunt Rose came back to life. I felt great emotion at seeing this woman at the funeral. Her presence may be the explanation for the shocked look on the faces of the fakers. Remember that I posted identifying photos and information on the fake Princess Anne.

There was one report that the coffin was switched along the way to London. The manufacturer’s logo on the coffin was cited as being different after the stop in Edinburg, if I remember correctly. I’ve lost the link to that report unfortunately. I’m certain in my heart that the real Queen Elizabeth II was buried, though there still remains to be seen the dreaded perp walk that we all are looking forward to.

I hope that Princess Anne will be Queen Anne one day, and the clowns will all just go away.

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