I would have voted today but there’s no checkbox for a return to legitimate Catholic monarchy in union with the Holy Catholic Church worldwide in it’s traditional aspect. Someone in England was given the opportunity to speak his mind briefly on microphone and he was recorded calling for the abolition of Parliament and a return to the legitimate version of monarchy. People applauded. The solution is so simple, or would be, if only the royal doppelgänger family would find their own suitable place in life and vacate the haunted houses that they are squatting.

What is the radix, the root of Catholic monarchy if not legitimacy? Is anyone satisfied with having a voting choice between criminal puppets using false identities, and not one honest person allowed anywhere near the government?

Catholic monarchy was based upon legitimate bloodline, land ownership and development of towns into income production and nurturance of the military, the churches, education and health.

Everyone knew where the leaders lived, who their ancestors were and where to go in case a change was actually needed. Mostly though, all that is ever needed or wanted is no change at all, just continued stability and natural growth.

The question must be asked, in England especially, at what point is it okay to confiscate other people’s legitimately owned and developed property? The answer is “never”. This didn’t stop a group of people from investing in that unjust confiscation and calling it Democracy, Socialism and Communism. It’s not working for anyone but them. Call them Parliament or whatever. They’re the people who use the word “commoner” which irritates me to no end.

In spite of all these criminals with stolen crowns, I can think of ways that I’ve not let my exile from commerce get me down. My offgrid home was developed as a result of that overall confiscation of everything. I’m very happy with my accomplishments in off grid living. I’m sure others besides myself have not succumbed to the grinches. We go on adapting, and in adapting we lead.

I took some time to read the “Declaration of Independence” today and I decided that it’s very fishy. As I’ve stated before, I am not a signatory to that document. Since I didn’t sign it, and I don’t know the men who signed it, I can say that I find the accusations against the King are vague and unproven. I suggest making a Declaration of Independence from the Declaration of Independence. My declaration would have a long, long list of real grievances, not vague at all. In fact, many of the grievances could hardly even be written for the shame of it. On that list of grievances against the king nowhere do I read that he confiscated their property, forced them to inject poison into themselves and family, allowed the ripping of children from the womb and selling of their dead bodies in pieces. Okay, I’ll stop here. The point is that these present day grievances against Democracy are much, much greater than those vague grievances against the King. Isn’t it time to review the results of this experiment in Democracy?

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