Poisonous Rhetoric

Even with the expense of multi billion dollar elections, the return on investment for the winners is limitless. I’m seeing in US politics suspiciously familiar faces from Russian oligarch mega yacht asset seizure videos. Maybe you’ll find your city mayor amongst them. Fact is, there is nothing to stop foreigners, foreign heads of state, Drug Cartel Overlords, Russian oligarchs and enemy agents of all sorts from dressing themselves up as local yokels and running for mayor, governor or city council. Or maybe it’s the local yokel dressing up as the foreign minister. Is anyone checking backgrounds of candidates? But of course they background check themselves.

I’m observing how they hand off power to the next candidate, smiling and winking when they lose to their successor so that they can move up to a higher paying position within the captured international government apparatus, collecting pensions as they go. We saw it when Rishi Sunak was happy to lose to Liz Truss, and when Liz Cheney was happy to lose her recent reelection as Wyoming governor. My guess is that she was done with her job of establishing a crypto currency bank charter in Wyoming, which allows for deposit institutions that are not FDIC insured. This allows her to obtain the coveted “master account” with the Federal Reserve Corporation and have access to the creation of cash through lending. Who’s backing her and at what point do they reveal their true character publicly? Are these insiders getting along just fine, as fellow thieves and liars tend to do. Not.

The answers will shed light on why, after all these years of publicizing my situation and presenting unquestionable evidence, not one person that I have family connections to has come forward to support me. No one wants to give up the stolen gravy train, and some of them have only stolen from themselves. Someone played them for fools. How will that end?

Back to poisonous rhetoric.

When the government is captured by the enemy, the actual management of the nation is a nuisance that impedes the power to control, to tax, to exempt and to make use of the monopoly of legal violence. The garbage tends to not get picked up, basic city management is neglected even while the illegal alien men aged 18-29 are coddled, the carbon tax pushed through and the war in Ukraine funded.

Lobbyists for foreign governments have completed their takeover of America, it must be faced. Though it appears that the weight of so many parasites is killing the host. The parasite class has a solution called a global tax. They use the color red for the letters BAL in global. Money for nothing is the gleeful chorus among this colonizing moocher class. Where does it end? Can we jump off this train on a track heading for the cliff of misery, or is it …too late? Wait a minute, isn’t this democracy stuff supposed to lead us to freedom to live according to our own choice? Isn’t this more like a plane without a pilot, a ship without a captain, a kingdom without a king…

Is Liz Cheney a natural born leader or a white noise machine?

Consider the vast power of the ADL in America when they are allowed to openly solicit people to secretly submit the addresses and phone numbers of people who dare criticize a certain foreign country or anyone in it. What government agencies besides the FBI work exclusively for the ADL, I wonder.

Read this final line again from an LA Times article.

“the politicians and media figures who voice this poisonous rhetoric, and those who sit by silently as it spreads, are complicit in a very dangerous trend. Complicit, and responsible for the consequences”

The article is about criticizing Semites. Jews, Israelites, Hebrews and Chosen Ones are included, so lately we’re seeing some competition for Chosen One status. I would say that this entire campaign is also designed to incite violence towards average Americans by other races. What it’s actually about is the bullying of Americans in the name sympathy for Jewish victimhood, or something like that. This is unacceptable because all bullying is unacceptable. Support for the Jews in America and around the world has been based on sympathy for them and belief in their altruistic motives. Support for the Jews should not be based on fear and threats. That’s a dangerous kind of support, for both parties. Kanye exposed the threats made against him when he exposed his secret agent spy “personal trainer”. The outcry hasn’t stopped, because the personal trainer happens to be Jewish. Isn’t the ADL concerned about medical kidnapping and the Nuremberg code violations against Kanye by his trainer? Is there something more to this story?

False accusations against fellow Americans, accusing us of physically attacking and harassing Jews is simply unacceptable and must stop. This is indecent amongst civilized people, neighbors and friends. This mind control mechanism of constant repetition of false accusations in itself is a crime against all Americans and all Jews, even without any physical violence. The psychological violence of so many lies is more than enough to justify charges of child abuse that victimizes both Jewish children and the so-called white children who are labeled as ‘born guilty’ and bombarded with shameful accusations and lies.

I’m talking about common decency and the obligation amongst the Jewish people to self police and demand that the ADL stop the poisonous rhetoric against the very people who support them most, “white” Americans, as they call us. We don’t call ourselves that at all and we shouldn’t tolerate being called that. We are Americans. Anti white poison is the same as anti American poison. Let’s call ourselves what we are, American.

We must answer back and demand that all poisoning of rhetoric cease and that hate crime laws and punishments be applied equally to gang stalkers and online paid trolls even though they happen to be working for a Jewish organization. I’m not totally against the idea of the ADL, I just think it’s not inclusive. The infrastructure of it could be turned toward reporting to the responsible authorities such things as pedophilia, gang stalking and other crimes that actually exist.

Reform is needed at the ADL. It’s enormous and it’s unfair, completely biased and engaging in the illegal activity of collecting people’s private information without our permission and without proper legal recourse because of the secrecy.

Imagine if the FBI response to child abduction, forced organ harvesting and gang stalking were as quick and motivated as their response to the ultra sensitive ADL superiority machine.

This next image is a ridiculous announcement from the Jewish stronghold of New Jersey and New York City. The reason I say it’s ridiculous is because Americans who happen to be white actually have an inordinate infatuation with Jews. We give them billions of dollars out of our own pockets, we elect them to office, patronize their businesses and immerse ourselves in their entertainment. Even if there were some Americans who ‘hate Jews just for being Jewish’, I seriously doubt they’d act violently or publicly. Everyone knows that these “bomb threats” are publicity stunts. The thing is, those alleged haters of ‘Jews just because they’re Jews’ don’t actually exist. They don’t have to. False flag operations solve that sticky issue.

Perhaps ADL should be joined and studied so that this plan to divide us and conquer us can be transformed into something unifying. Read carefully and take note of the threat of “consequences” openly stated in this major publication, and imagine if this threatening statement applied to the constant barrage of poisonous rhetoric against fellow Americans and Conservatives in general, instead of protecting only one wealthy and powerful group of privileged ones:

“In other words, the politicians and media figures who voice this poisonous rhetoric, and those who sit by silently as it spreads, are complicit in a very dangerous trend. Complicit, and responsible for the consequences.“

What is the poisonous rhetoric? There is suddenly a barrage of messages stating that Americans seek to physically harm Semites, but no receipts, no credible evidence. These violent antisemites are all white Americans, they say. The ADL objects to anyone else claiming to be superior to Jews, as in the film ‘Negroes to Hebrews’ or vice versa. It’s an interesting balance between Perpetual Victimhood and Divine Appointment as the Chosen Race. I’m not worried about anyone thinking themselves to be superior to everyone else, and I’m not competing in that arena. I’m more worried about the false accusations toward one particular group who is publicly described by their skin color. I am concerned about the incitement of violence against any fellow Americans.

From the LA Times:

“…manifested in a rise in hate crimes and their increasing violence, Waxman says. Conspiracy theories such as the great replacement, election fraud and QAnon become echoed by perpetrators of acts of violence.”

Speaking of these dangerous white Americans, we are told by one pundit “…if Rep. Cheney handily won her primary, a lot of this would go away,” he says, referring to Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), who lost her primary for reelection in August after emerging as the leading Trump critic in the Republican Party.

What does Liz Cheney have in mind that will prevent these imaginary criminals from continuing their imaginary crimes? We should find out.

An immediate apology was demanded recently by one elected official for suggesting something that the ADL deemed threatening to Jews. She was guilty of
 “suggesting that GOP support for Israel was all about Jewish financial contributions and Jewish “allegiance to a foreign country.” Of course it is, everyone knows that. Why is this statement a threat? Are we antisemitic unless we are firmly convinced of their supremacy over us, convinced of our own guilt in genocide that never happened and bigotry that doesn’t happen, that we believe the lie that white Americans conducted the slave trade, the opium trade, and instigated wars around the world? As long as we are docile scapegoats, it’s all about love. When we state the truth, the intimidation kicks in.

This is how mind control operations are carried out, demonstrated clearly in this message from Kanye’s personal trainer (foreign agent Harley Pasternak, who it turns out is Jewish) to Kanye:

Remember that article I wrote a long time ago, which was actually a reprint of a report from the late 1800’s. It was reported that the entry test for immigrant Jews in NYC had to be simplified several times so they could pass it. The intention was to be helpful to the Jewish immigrants. If the test had not been changed, they would not have been allowed to enter the US. The intelligence level of this group of immigrants was at the level of an “imbecile “. The scientific term used in the report was “imbecile”, but it referred to anyone, no matter the racial origin, who had below a certain intelligence level based on tests. The term imbecile is not exclusive to any particular group, there are always imbeciles among us and we treat people with respect.

As for election results engineering, I’ve actually grown bored watching videos of people hauling large bags of ballots and stuffing the boxes. Everyone knows that paper ballots work just fine and therefore, in the Land of Foreign Occupation, are not an option.

We’re on the second election where the election results engineering is recorded on film and then quashed by news reporters, courts and Congress. The spokeswoman for jailing Election Deniers is Liz Cheney who’s making it clear that she’s taking down the names of anyone who so much as mentions those election engineers hiding suitcases of ballots under tables.

I can’t take anymore watching it on film. Boring to watch people destroy what was never actually a functioning system anyway. While I’m all for referendums in concept, the destruction of a system of hiring four year “leaders” by mob vote that consists of a large number of imbeciles voting for fellow imbeciles, allowed infinite borrowing power, the destruction of that can’t happen fast enough. One very serious election worker is filmed telling the voter that only Democrat votes are accepted at his polling station. It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile. Ha ha.

This is all to demonstrate that mob rule doesn’t work for the rest of us, even when you call it Democracy and protect it with the ADL and obtain Divine graces by handing power over to the Jews, no matter how wonderful they are. I’m paying attention to the basking in glory of the Mob, both the Democrat and Republican versions after this thoroughly recorded election process.

What we are watching is the complete take down of the voting democracy, and not a moment too soon. According to Scott Adams, the Dilbert cartoonist who keeps up with these things, the one group of people who controlled the election in terms of actual legitimate votes was “young single women” in their twenties, who are the same demographic that predominantly uses TikTok, the CCP mind control platform. . These are the ones canceling out the votes of their elders and screaming for abortion rights, rather than demanding the right to free enterprise, instead of demanding an end to imports from slave states and instead of calling for affordable job training so that they could keep their children and have more.

So who benefits by these young women remaining childless and single? Perhaps the owners of the iPhone factory in Huangshu China who may want to set up in America after they’re done with the Chinese genocide. Foxconn would benefit from hoards of brainwashed and defenseless single women who are willing to live in dorm rooms of 60 people to one bathroom. The men get separate dorms of course. The young single women who work there are finding themselves quite alone and defenseless, sleeping on the side of the road, walking home to escape starvation inside the Covid locked down iPhone factory-dormitory owned by Foxconn. People are arrested for giving them rides home. It’s the Women’s liberation movement.

It’s eye opening seeing what’s happening to these iPhone assembly workers in China. I’ll think twice next time I buy a phone. It’s time to demand a return of these factories to Americans because of the abuse and slave labor being exposed in Chinese factories.

People in China who are convicted of Covidity are brought out to fields in the mountains and left there without even tents. This is what Communist leadership does to their best young people. It’s heart breaking to see the humility and acceptance of these beautiful healthy young Chinese girls, not yet realizing the reality of freezing to death alone in a blanket tent among strangers on a remote mountain as the winter progresses. They’ll all be found frozen to death in one night. If they try to return home they are arrested. In the cities young Chinese men are beginning to rise up in anger against government workers, which is hopeful, but police forces are ramped up in response. It’s shocking to see American news reporters still reading scripts that glorify China. It’s a disgrace to support the genocide of the Chinese by reading CCP propaganda on air.

Mr. Adams informs us that Trump had long ago attempted to ban TikTok as a very dangerous enemy propaganda machine. However, Trump allowed the Supreme Court to over rule this military strategy to protect the nation, rather than use his power as military Commander in Chief to overrule the supreme court’s decision. Was that what he had been scripted to do? How else could an unelected Supreme Court be allowed to over rule military decisions made by the Commander in Chief of the military? There is no precedent for handing over the military command structure to the judiciary branch. Between Trump and the Supreme Court, enemy infiltration and take over of our nation was allowed to proceed, or so it seems. The Supreme Court is a clear and present danger, but is this even the same Trump or is it a different person mimicking Trump? We have no way of knowing. What a system.

The War Manual gives instructions on how to conduct a temporary military take over of the judiciary just long enough to establish a legitimate government. This is a a very good solution and certainly would work also in nations that border America where enemy forces have also occupied governments and are threatening us personally in a big way. But who’s military is in charge?

The Election Machine needs an electorate who will accept such money-for-nothing schemes as the carbon tax.


Going from climate engineering to climate change to charging Americans reparations for past carbon exhalation has been a quick progression. This is in addition to the reparations based on false accusations about slavery and the alleged holocaust. The obsession with taxing Americans for reparations continues unabated as text books spin out ever more imaginary victims of imaginary white aggression in times distantly past and lands far away. Immigrant victims of imaginary crimes from a hundred years ago and more, are filling all the elected offices and they are not happy about what we did to them 500 years ago, and they don’t know the word ‘allegedly’.

So who’s supporting Liz Cheney?

This next link has bits that I don’t agree with but this man has done his research on the yet uncrowned King Charles III and it sheds much light on the situation we’re in, which reputations are being protected and why.


Liz Cheney, a woman who I am wondering…hmmmm, could that be a particular sister of mine that I last spotted as the wife of President Nicolas Maduro? I dare say….while I have tried to avoid her all my adult life for my own safety and that of my children, she seems to be intruding on my reality uninvited.

I found Liz Cheney as an associate of a man named Armitage, a member of several foreign investment groups, recipient of a foreign emolument, and lobbyist for Turkey where all the American oil drilling equipment has been moved, and he’s a lobbyist for Japan and overall poster child for dysfunctional democracy.

You can watch Liz Cheney on a recent interview, which I’ve lost the link to, carefully answering the question as to whether or not she, a Republican she says, wants a Republican controlled House of Representatives. Her answer is no, she doesn’t. The House of Representatives essentially controls spending. There’s only one party and we’re not invited.

Here’s a body language expert on Liz Cheney.

If she actually becomes President of the United States, I’m prepared to get to safety. However, maybe she’s aiming to be queen of the sun, moon and stars. She’s the perfect political person. She has exactly all the qualifications for political success in a democracy: mediocrity, mendacity and manipulation.


Side note on the firing of thousands of nonproductive trolls, oops, I mean high tech employees: Why so many employees in the first place?

Evidence of fraud on laptops at Twitter?

“Twitter employees have slammed the company online, alleging they’d been fired with little-to-no notice, with some telling Insider they lost access to their laptops before receiving notice that they’d been terminated.”

At Facebook Mark Zuckerberg apologized to Meta employees in a memo announcing over 11,000 layoffs Wednesday.

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