Robert Maxwell is Not Dead Yet

If winning an election requires scorched earth policy, well so it does. Who’s in charge of the destruction? King Charles III is revealed to be the central globalist figure, so let’s see what other identities he has. All globalists have a legitimate seeming public identity befitting their high globalist status. I’m told that the word globalist is anti semitic so in order to avoid repercussions I won’t use it anymore. I think the word ‘pirate’ is more accurate anyway.

I already know that Prince Charles was not a legitimate Prince because he went along with Myrna replacing the real Queen Elizabeth II. Lots of officials went along with it and the reason becomes clear when you study the family of Robert Maxwell. It appears to me that Robert Maxwell might not have been in that coffin in Israel where he was given an elaborate funeral as an important Jewish Head of State. In fact, I’m certain that Maxwell and King Charles are the same person. His wife matches up with Camilla. His son is Tony Blair, maybe Max Keiser. His daughter in this photo has the Liz Truss look, not sure if Liz Truss is a granddaughter or niece or what.

Google tells us: “According to Thomas, well-placed sources in Israel, Washington, and London, Maxwell first came into Mossad’s orbit in the 1970s, when the crack Israeli spy organization stole from the United States its most sophisticated piece of intelligence-gathering software, Enhanced Promis.”

I’m sure he was in the Mossad orbit long before that. I suspect that he is an associate of Backstairs Billy, a powerful member of the palace staff and perhaps the tranny who pretended to be Wallis Simpson. I still have to study that a bit more, but let’s start with these two photos. Maxwell is Charles and his wife is Camilla.

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