FLARE – FTX Connection

This is a screenshot from the flare network website contact page today showing that FTX is part of the Flare network. FTX was used as a mechanism for returning Ukraine weapons funding back to the people who voted for it and enabled it. This may have been a worldwide refund mechanism.

It’s possible that all the people involved in it are also found at the lovely Remembrance Day Ceremony at Whitehall today. Here’s a clip linked below, that identifies the attendees. Very interesting that the television narrator names the people laying down the wreathes, and the person recording it for us in his living room has something to say to a worried looking Robert Maxwell who is being called King a little too soon.

His comments are disrespectful only if you don’t know Charles’ real identity so we’ll see how this situation gets spun, unless all the spinners have already been arrested.

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